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What Is Sinsemilla?

Even if you pretty well-versed in cannabis culture, you might be a little hazy if someone were to ask you “what is sinsemilla?” unexpectedly. Some describe sinsemilla as simply prime, seedless cannabis flowers that have been tended to with the utmost care, while others swear that true sinsemillas are pure strains of extremely potent marijuana that that hail from either Amsterdam or the American Southwest.

What does Sinsemilla Mean?

The truth is, the name sinsemilla doesn’t refer to a specific cannabis strain. The term originates from the conjunction of the Spanish words “sin” (which means “without”) and “ semilla ” (which means “seed”) to literally mean “without seeds.” The word has been associated with seedless cannabis flowers since at least the 1970s, with the lack of seeds also spurring a reputation for sinsemilla marijuana as being better, high-quality buds with more intense effects than seed-laced samples of the herb.

In fact, there is evidence to back up this line of thinking, as female cannabis plants that are denied fertilization produce larger amounts of resins with higher concentrations of marijuana’s active compounds since they don’t use any energy making seeds. Many also think that the best sinsemilla marijuana is properly trimmed, dried, and cured so that in addition to being seedless, the flowers look, smell, and taste great. It shouldn’t surprise us then that a decades-long, nation-wide hunt among cannabis users for sweet sinsemilla flowers continues to this day.

Is Sensimilla Rare?

Today sinsemilla isn’t so rare a thing because it’s easier than ever for growers to make sure crops of cannabis are entirely female with controlled greenhouses, hydroponic techniques, and the ability to get female clones or feminized seeds. Having an indoor environment to grow sinsemilla cannabis is ideal, as plants grown outdoors can be inadvertently fertilized by male plants growing unknown to you beyond your garden and it’s easier to administer special care.

To end, the term “sinsemilla” can be used to describe any female cannabis plants that haven’t been exposed to male plants and fertilized. With this better understanding of what a sinsemilla cannabis plant is, you’ll be able to explain the difference to friends and spot excellent samples on the spot.

There are numerous thoughts about what sinsemilla really is. Find out the truth about the seedless marijuana plants and sinsemilla in this article.