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Shannon Sharpe has hilarious response to Ezekiel Elliott Twitch stream

Ezekiel Elliott’s recent live stream prompted a curious response from Undisputed’s Shannon Sharpe.

Despite some ridiculous concern over Ezekiel Elliott’s description of himself as ‘faded’ on a recent Twitch live stream, at least some pundits are having fun at his expense, rather than implying that his word choice might hint at a deeper problem. Zeke’s had a rough stretch lately, testing positive for COVID-19, having that information leaked without his permission, and more recently being sued by his pool cleaner over a dog attack.

We hear you, Shannon. Marijuana’s stigma has all but disappeared in modern culture, and the NFL finally caught up to the rest of the sports landscape, dropping any suspension associated with a positive test.

Elliott even cleared the air on Twitter, and threatened to sue Sports Illustrated for an article aimed at stirring the pot.

“Actually I was referring to the few drinks I had which I said during the live stream. Doesn’t that make this defamation? You guys will hearing from my lawyers,” Elliott said in a since-deleted tweet.

Elliott even expressed his disbelief that a journalistic institution like Sports Illustrated would entertain such an idea.

Never anywhere in my life have I heard someone say “faded” when they meant “high”. Absolutely ridiculous

Zeke does tend to welcome unwanted drama into the Cowboys offseason, but at least in this instance, he’s not deserving of criticism. The Cowboys RB is still recovering from COVID-19, and will hope to put all this nonsense behind him by the time Dallas opens training camp later this month.

Undisputed's Shannon Sharpe had a funny response to Ezekiel Elliott's recent live stream, in which he said that he was "faded".