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When the biological information gathered from living trees is combined with archaeological and historical records of native rainforest societies, we can evaluate, for example, how indigenous communities or foreign invaders managed their local environment or how their actions influenced the recruitment and growth patterns of trees. In this way, researchers can construct inferences about how ancient native peoples interacted with the rainforest and responded to colonial pressure: "When ancient humans constructed dwellings within the forest they selectively created gaps in the canopy, allowing for additional light to cultivate preferred species; this is one way native societies influence the establishment of trees within their territories," says Caetano-Andrade. "One example is during the pre-colonial period in the central Amazon, where populations of Brazil nut experienced heavy recruitment and growth. However, when European colonists invaded the tropics, indigenous people abandoned the landscape, leading to Brazil nut trees to stop recruiting for nearly 70 years. This demonstrates how the forest actively responds to human occupation over time." Similarly, by analyzing the responses of trees to human activity during specific periods of time, tropical forests act as repositories of cultural heritage. Indigenous groups promoted the growth of trees they found useful, such as those for food or construction. The marks of this care remain implanted in the biology of standing trees.

"Part of the culture of these societies is how they managed the forest within their local ecosystem," says Caetano-Andrade.


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