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When you are alone you will eat, drink, and sleep a lot; hopefully you’ll feel better in January. To talk to your friends and family about how you are feeling, plus cut back on some of your holiday busyness so you have some extra time to rest and deal with any feelings that come up. To spend the holidays with the people who support you the most, even if that is not your family, and to rally a great support team—good friends who will listen to you and cook you meals; a massage therapist or other healer to make you feel extra nurtured; and a professional counselor if you notice yourself getting very depressed. Tally up your answers and note how many A’s, B’s, or C’s, then read on… Mostly A’s: Build your support network now!

You over-commit yourself and deny your own needs—resulting in negative impacts on your health and emotional life. It is not necessary or healthy to ignore your own needs in order to create a “nice holiday” for other people. You can have healthy relationships that nurture you more, and we’d like to help you. Start now by opening up to a close friend about how you feel at the holidays and by clearing one or two commitments off your calendar. Then schedule a massage so you can start feeling nurtured right away. Then seek out some professional support from counselors like us. You’ve reduced the kinds of stress that ruin the holidays for you, while still fulfilling many obligations to friends and family.

You are honest with the people close to you about what you are thinking and feeling because you want to have real intimacy with them. But there are a few key areas where you are afraid to let go of other’s expectations and love yourself unconditionally. Look back over the quiz and see where you still hesitate to give yourself the support you need to come through this holiday season with flying colors. Rally your friends into a more formal holiday support team for each other. Unschedule three favors for other people and replace them with bubble baths or snuggling with your honey. Want to come teach a workshop on how to have a fabulous holiday season? You have figured out that the best way to enjoy the season is to refuse to play by the usual holiday rules. You know that putting self-care first gives you the energy and emotional stability to be loving with your family and tolerant of their holiday craziness. As a dropout of the American holiday stress game, you are qualified to lead them to better self-care, so let that be your gift to them this year. Be a good listener, help them unbook their calendars, and bring them along to your massage appointments. And of course, keep taking wonderful care of yourself. At FLO Living we believe that women deserve a lot more support in their daily lives than they ever dare ask for. That’s why, when you get this support that is normal and healthy, it can feel RADICAL. We recognize Four Pillars of Radical Support for Women; they are especially important at holiday time when stress levels are high. Supportive Listeners: Counselors and friends who have your best interest at heart and who will deeply listen to you speak about your life. Grounding Body Care: The right balance of exercise, rest, hot baths, massage, and loving touch to nurture you out of your head and into your body. Unbooked Time: Permission to clear your calendar and say no to other people’s needs, so that you can have time just for you. Mood-Stabilizing Diet: Check out all of our FLO friendly recipes and contact us with food questions. Practicing radical self-care and receiving radical support from friends and professional is the absolutely necessary first step to transforming your relationships with your family members and breaking old patterns that keep the holidays stressful. By first learning to give yourself love, you begin to see clearly what kinds of love you want to receive from your family and friends. One of the fastest-growing health and wellness products on the market, CBD shops are popping up across the US, and the Midwest is no exception. If you’re looking to purchase CBD in Missouri, Kansas City and St. Louis each have several highly-rated shops selling premium CBD products and other holistic goods. Below, we’ve profiled and provided locations for the best places to buy CBD in the area, but, if you prefer the convenience of online shopping, remember that wholesale and other private retailers sell CBD online, too. As recently as December of 2018, the state of Missouri has passed a law allowing for the use of medical marijuana and CBD medications derived from marijuana sources.

These laws, surprisingly, allow for a wide variety of medical conditions and symptoms to be treated with doctor-recommended cannabis. This medical marijuana law will allow individuals with documentation that they suffer from one of the eligible health problems a lot of relief as soon as dispensaries open. As of March of 2019, there aren’t any in operation. Because of this, it seems that recreational marijuana use won’t be possible until sometime in the distant future, if at all.

Recreational use of marijuana-derived CBD is not likely to be possible soon either. Missouri, believe it or not, is one of the most progressive states in America when it comes to hemp-derived CBD. Back in 2009, the first bill in which industrial hemp was legally defined as containing no more than 1% THC by weight and made legal for cultivation was introduced.


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