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Best Strains for Your Star Wars Binge

While fans are buzzing over the release of the new Star Wars movie, there’s never a bad time to dive into the classics. With more ways to watch becoming available, blasting through the back catalog of Star Wars movies is easier than ever before, especially with the new addition of Disney Plus to the repertoire of streaming services. To serve as a companion for your next marathon, here are some excellent strains for watching all of the Star Wars movies.

4 Strains to Intensify Your Star Wars Binge

Sunset Blvd

With lineage hailing all the way from Canada, Sunset Blvd has traveled a long road to making its way to American cannabis dispensaries. Those who come across Sunset Blvd are guaranteed to be thankful, however, as the strain packs a heavy high that wraps the entire body in a warm, comfortable glow.

Even a light dose of Sunset Blvd tends to result in a buzzy euphoria that remains noticeable for the rest of the day. For those who suffer from pain or severe discomfort, Sunset Blvd can be an ideal strain to explore in search of relief.

Animal Cookies

Descended from the renowned Girl Scout Cookies strain, Animal Cookies has a reputation for combining heady potency with dazzling cerebral effects. As a hybrid strain, its effects combine the best qualities of indicas and sativas to deliver entirely unique and memorable cannabis high that prompts rave reviews to friends or other cannabis enthusiasts.

With its sweet scent and enjoyable smoke, Animal Cookies makes for an exceptional addition to any binge-watching session. While Animal Cookies has a tendency to instigate a deep sleep after extended encounters with the strain, taking a low dose has the potential to put anyone in a bubbly, happy mood that makes any activity more enjoyable, making it a great strain for watching your favorite space opera.

Space Queen

A strain that does justice to its name, Space Queen provides a truly interstellar cannabis experience through its signature blend of the Romulan and Cinderella 99 strains. Though its somewhat earthy, peppery smoke contains light notes of vanilla and fruit, the true attraction of Space Queen is its mind-bending mental high known to last for hours.

Space Queen is a relatively common strain on the cannabis market, making it a simple selection as a strain for watching movies on the weekend. Inexperienced cannabis users should be aware that the strain possesses a moderately high THC content, making it important to go slow and use caution when dosing with Space Queen.

Strains for Watching Star Wars: Gelato

As an indica-dominant hybrid, Gelato harbors powerful capabilities in the realm of relaxation. With a THC content of almost 18%, a small dose is enough for most newer cannabis users to instantly experience a sense of calm and relief from chronic stress and anxiety.

Beyond its ability to ease nerves, Gelato promotes a creative, curious state of mind in general. As a strain for watching the Star Wars movies, those who encounter Gelato may find themselves developing insights into the plot or characters they might not otherwise have noticed. Likewise, the films’ eye-popping visual effects take on an entirely new, exciting character when experiencing a Gelato high.

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May the force be with you. To serve as a companion for your next marathon, here are some ideal strains for watching all of the Star Wars movies.

7 Marijuana Strains For Every Star Wars Fan

The excruciating wait is almost over. Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens this weekend, kicking off the first instalment in the new trilogy that will hopefully make up for those awful prequels.

In honor of the event, here are seven cannabis strains that every aspiring Jedi Master, Sith Lord, Rebel or Imperialist should know about.

1. Deathstar OG

Much like the Death Star, this indica strain takes time to kick in before it blasts the mind with a powerful head high. But don’t worry. The strain’s relaxing qualities ensure that your brain won’t feel like Alderaan. (Too soon?)

2. Darth Vader OG

Don’t let this indica strain fool you: it may be purple like Samuel L. Jackson’s lightsaber, but it’s powerful in the ways of the Sith. Rather than force-choking you into submission, it uses heavy/forceful relaxation to disarm your resistance to the Dark Side of the Force:

3. Skywalker

This indica-dominant hybrid is renowned for helping people treat chronic pain and insomnia. It offers a pleasant head high without clouding your mind with thoughts that might lead to the Dark Side. So it’s ideal for relaxing after a training with Yoda, or for treating that nagging wrist injury.

4. Master Yoda

The force is strong in this hybrid strain. And by “force” we mean THC, which can reach more than 20 percent. And just like its comic yet sagacious namesake, the strain entertains, uplifts and inspires.

5. Master Jedi

Known for helping young Padawans learn patience, focus and logic, this strain promotes relaxation and happiness. Making it the ideal for regaining your balance and tranquility before avenging your fallen master.

6. Princess Leia

Cannabis consumers who need to stay alert while running errands, doing chores and smuggling stolen Death Star plans should give this strain a puff to stay clear-headed, focused and energetic. This homage to Carrie Fisher is perfect for taking charge of a crisis and blasting your way out of Cloud City.

7. Ewok

Trying to defeat a technologically savvy empire using only rocks and sticks? This hybrid strain can help by getting the creative juices flowing while making you feel as warm and fuzzy inside as its namesake is on the outside. It also relieves that sort of stress that comes from biting off more than you chew.

The excruciating wait is almost over. Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens this weekend, kicking off the first instalment in the new trilogy that will hopefully make up for those awful prequels.