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She enjoys elegant upcycling, finding vintage treasures, sewing, photography and writing. Oh and tap dancing which she isn't good at but really loves. In her previous career, Malia was a television writer and producer.

Tags: Barn House, Barn House Antique Show, Bob Kennedy, Calamity Jane, Deb Kennedy, Debbie Taylor, Isabel Lang, Julie Crumpacker, Kelly Atwood, Kindred Roses, Laurie Miller, Maison Douce, Malia Karlinsky, Retreat, Worthy Goods. So we've been to Utah and stopped in Seattle, Washington. In the picturesque town of Chelan, there's a wonderful store filled with unique handcrafted items. The shop is named "Willow" and for owner Robyn Skaar, retail is part of her family heritage. Robyn is a third generation entrepreneur-- both her Mother and Grandmother owned retail apparel stores. To her, "going to market" and helping out with the endless list of tasks that accompany running a shop was a happy part of her childhood. According to Robyn, "My dream was to bring women together in a creative, collaborative spirit and watch the outcome. I have a passion for handcrafted and time worn products, especially those that have been taken from vintage pieces and remade into new artworks. Of course the best part is watching our customers get excited about those products, buy them and come back and tell us how much they enjoy living with they enjoy living with them." Thanks Robyn.

In anticipation of expanding Willow's online presence, Robyn is generously offering Vintage Indie readers a chance to win a twenty five dollar gift certificate to the store. Just leave a comment here, letting us know what your favorite item was on this virtual shopping trip. Entries close at on Sunday July 18th at midnight EST. Tags: Chelan, crowns, handcrafted, handcrafted, hearts, jewelry, Malia Karlinsky, pendants, Robyn Skaar, Willow, willowchelan. Bc Custom Jewelry Staff, Thank you for the beautiful wedding bands. Now that the official honeymoon is over, I can take a moment to express how helpful your staff at BC Custom Jewelry was in helping us decide on our beautiful rings. Sharon, I appreciate all of the help you gave me with customizing the engagement ring I purchased. Also thanks for the tips on how to propose, it went great, she even cried like you said she would. Brian, I had to thank you for the custom diamond ring I purchased for my anniversary. My wife was so surprised, she had me taking pictures of it so she could post it on facebook and show it off to all her friends. My anti weed dad just got some CBD oil from a friend. Oh well how do I make sure he's getting the best stuff and not getting ripped off? I want the best price to pain relief ratio basically. He snapped his leg and now has a cage around it not sure which areas are hurt specifically can ask if it matters. The best companies will sell oils 10% upwards, so don't bother with Holland & Barrett or Boots or anything like that. Try these guys: (organic and well priced + plus they have discount codes) (pretty good all round but not the cheapest) I tried hempelf. Best price to pain relief ratio would probably be making your own oil from cbd hemp, premade cbd oil is pretty expensive for the amount of cbd you get. This is exactly what you want for top price/quality, it's full spectrum and really does the job. Making your own is cheaper but you'd have to order a kilo of hemp from another country to save any money and if you get caught importing it's just as illegal as actual weed just so's you know. I've no idea what the doses are or how far 10mg will get me, how much £ or p will this be per use? I bought some across from Satchels, any place have better prices? Your best options are online if you want quality AND value. I buy CBD flower from and the Reddit CBD community has compiled this list of vetted products: There is a huge rush to get into this market before the craze dies down.

That means lots of substandard, low-quality products from distributors who don't care about anything but making some quick money. It's often impure, the potency is wildly different from what it says on the label, and sometimes it's even tested to contain synthetic cannabinoids which can have some serious side effects. Some retailers also jack the prices up a LOT due to the demand. I haven't found CBD anywhere locally that is worth buying.

I don't know if that's the best price in town but I really like going there, because you can get a variety of CBD products and they also have a bar and study/hangout areas. I can’t remember the price there, but you could always call to ask. I don’t remember the prices for oil at Smoke City, but I get some awesome CBD lollipops from there.


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