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The Royal Gift Shop has a range of unique products inspired by décor from the Royal Palaces. The pattern on one series of porcelain is taken from a silk interior at Rosendal Palace, probably produced at the Z. The pattern on the tea towel is taken from the décor of Gustav III's Pavilion in Haga Park, and the pattern on the cake tin is taken from the stucco ceiling of the Victoria Salon at the Royal Palace.

Subject to availability: Rosendal cup and saucer SEK 395. The Swedish Ship Terra Nova reached port in Gothenburg on 9 July 1776. On board was a 700-piece porcelain service that had been made in Canton, China. It was a gift for King Gustav III from the East India Company, and was intended to be used on the royal table at Gripsholm Castle. The decoration is in Gustavian style, with the national coat of arms at the centre. A series of products featuring the service’s motif is available from the Royal Gift Shop. Subject to availability: Straight lion pot small SEK 335.

Straight Gripsholm pot small SEK 335, large SEK 445. The Royal Gift Shop has books about our royal history and the Royal Palaces. Here, you can also find guides for your visits to the Royal sights. Subject to availability: Haga cushion cover SEK 350. The Best Photographer Gear According to Chris Burkard. Purchasing products through our links may earn us a portion of the sale, which supports our editorial team’s mission. If you’re on Instagram, you’ve likely seen some of Chris Burkard’s images. He’s the outdoor and landscape photographer who has amassed over three million followers on Instagram. Based in Pismo Beach, California, Burkard is on the road working for a good chunk out of the year. To get those amazing shots, he has learned to put himself in unique situations. He has to be prepared to scale a rock face, hike a mountain or dive into the arctic ocean. “I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter whether I’m shooting skiing in Japan or surfing in Iceland, the next assignment is always just a few weeks away and usually requires a whole new set of skills,” Burkard says. To stay at the top of his game (and in peak climbing, skiing, surfing, everything-shape) Burkard works hard to stay active. “No matter where I end up in the world with work, something from my gym bag comes with me. Training is critical and I’ve found that between swimming in the ocean or pool, climbing and a few stretch bands, I can condition myself for nearly anything.” We caught up with Burkard to ask him what gear is always in his pack, whether he’s in Yosemite or Alaska. When you think idyllic surf trips, do you picture white sand, palms leaning against a tropical breeze, and tanned bodies frolicking in warm, turquoise water? Which is why Chris Burkard, one of the world’s most celebrated surf adventure photographers, tacks a different direction. He specializes in photographing rubber-clad surfers paddling through steel grey oceans and deep blue surf peeling along snow-shrouded beaches, with icebergs and white mountains looming in the distance. Burkard recently returned from a surf trip to Iceland and we wanted to see the kind of gear a photographer packs for a shoot like that. Here’s what he said about packing: “We couldn’t have ever expected how intense the weather was going to get, but going to Iceland in the winter means you need to be very intentional with the type of gear you bring. In regards to camera gear, it’s a delicate balance between packing light and making sure you’re prepared for unforeseen circumstances. The biggest factor on this trip was how short the days were. In Iceland’s winter, there are only four to five hours of effective daylight and the sun never comes over the horizon. From a photographic perspective, the lack of daylight meant limited opportunities to get the shot.” Cameras + Photo equipment. Sony A6500 (top of photo): “This is my go to action camera. Since it shoots 11 frames per second I use this when I need that kind of frame rate.

It also doubles as a super portable lightweight system for on the move missions.” Lenses, left to right: 16-70 f/4; 10-18mm f/4.

Sony A7rII (middle of photo): “This is my main body. There is so much sensor packed into such a little body. This camera is my workhorse and has well rounded capabilities that make it perfect for almost any style of shooting; from action to landscape this little guy can more than handle it. It’s a dream camera.” Lenses, left to right: 16-35 f/4; 24-70 f/2.8; 70 – 200 f/4. Sony A7sii (bottom of photo): “This my go to body for shooting at night.


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