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When Liberty Savings Bank came under the direction of James R. Powell in 1984, it had three small branches in Highland and Clinton Counties, in rural southwestern Ohio. Under his leadership, Liberty expanded into three additional states with over 40 Financial Centers serving communities in Colorado, Florida, Ohio and South Carolina. In September 2011, Liberty Savings Bank sold all of its Financial Centers in the Ohio region. In April 2012, the Bank sold all of its Financial Centers in the South Carolina region.

Both sales have provided Liberty with a strong capitalized position and have allowed the company to focus its synergy in serving its clients in the Colorado and Florida markets. Liberty retains back-office operations in downtown Dayton and Wilmington to support its remaining Financial Centers. (941) 379-4455 | [email protected] | 3973 Sawyer Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233. Company Overview Norton Valley Hemp Farm is a 4th generation family-operated farm in Kentucky. We are the growers and processors of Full Spectrum Hemp and CBD Oil. (941) 260-5536 | [email protected] | 3460 Clark Road Sarasota, FL 34231. PUT PEOPLE FIRST Pedego is the number one brand of electric bikes in America because we put people first. The most important part of every pedego isn't some high-tech gadget or fancy bicycle component - it's the person riding it. Pedegos are the greatest electric bikes on earth because they're the most fun to ride.

SATISFY DELIGHT CUSTOMERS If a Pedego owner is merely satisfied then we've let them down. We go the extra mile to make sure that every single Pedego owner is delighted. Pedego owners don't like their bikes - they love them. LABOR OF LOVE We love this business because all we sell is fun! Every hour of every day somewhere on earth someone is falling in love with a Pedego and rediscovering the simple joy of riding a bicycle. (941) 214-4009 | [email protected] | 5560 Bee Ridge Rd Suite 7, Sarasota, FL 34233. Sarasota Physical Medicine Don't Settle with Gold Service When We Provide Platinum At Platinum Healthcare Physical Medicine, our proven, all-natural approach produces long-lasting results. Our physical medicine professionals approach healing without the use of drugs or surgery, and we successfully correct many health conditions at their root cause, rather than just treating the symptoms. When dealing with aches and pains, you should always explore conservative, noninvasive treatments before considering surgery. Unlike other pain management specialists, we specialize in non-surgical pain management techniques. We have had many patients come to us because they have been suggested surgery and want to avoid it, or because there are ineligible for surgery. We explore every avenue for noninvasive pain relief based on each individual patient's conditions, medical history, and goals for treatment. (941) 487-7395 | [email protected] | 418 S. Your Financial Safety Net Priority Insurance Consultants is an independent, full-service insurance agency serving Florida residents and businesses since 2008. We choose to represent only the leading insurance companies and to offer the best options for our clients' insurance needs. Our goal is to provide unbiased advice that is appropriate to each and every client's needs, desires, and goals. We strive for long-term relationships with our clients and realize that the only way to achieve that goal is to treat our customers with respect and appreciation. Our Services Individual & Family Health Insurance, Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Small Business Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance, Accident Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Wellness Products. HISTORY The Sarasota Senior Softball Association Started in 1997 with 77 players. Now we have more than 350 members playing in 6 leagues, 4 days each week in the winter. Leagues organized by both age and skill level - Gold Level Leagues for the more experienced players and Silver for the less experienced. Play is generally from 8:30 AM to noon on weekdays. WELCOME Our Board of Directors extends a welcome to all new players whether you have been playing elsewhere or resuming play after a long hiatus. (See Links to Maps Below) Batting practice is held on Wednesdays at 8:30 AM at the 17th St.

About 1/3 of our players are "Snowbirds", players who are in Florida during the winter months. Our Winter Leagues play on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from about early November through late March with time off for the Holidays. Our Summer Leagues play on Mondays and Thursdays with a Midsummer bread in July and August. Sooner or later everyone experiences this character-building task. Before each season the managers gather together with Board Members to draft their teams in a random order. In late March after winter play concludes we hold an Awards Banquet to recognize winning teams and others who have been instrumental in the success of the Association. We often have a retired professional baseball player or prominent member of the Sarasota community as a guest speaker.

(941) 926-3100 | [email protected] | 3900 Clark Rd #B1, Sarasota, FL 34233. About Specializing in the practice of Family Medicine, Personal Injury Physician, Acute Care and Chronic Care for ages 15 and older. Dr Zalkin has been at the same location since 1994 providing excellent care to her patients. She is Board Certified in Family Care and also provides care for A. See More Products Primary Care, Urgent Care, Walk-in Appointments, Medical Marijuana Card Recommendations, Bio Identical Hormone Therapy, Women's Wellness.


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