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Welcome to this exciting new crop coming to texas!

Texas Hemp is a versatile crop with seemingly endless possibilities and a new cash crop for Texans that can save Texas farmers and save Texas traditions! We are advocates for texas values and look forward to this new and exciting market coming to texas by Helping one Texas farmer at a time

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GTH is a Texas Independent Texas Hemp Growers Association. we work directly with the Texas Department of Agriculture as well as Texas AgriLife Extension Agents to help future Texas hemp farmers grow the best damn hemp in AMERICA!

Our chief objectives are to fully support Texas hemp farmers to get the most value in 2020 and beyond while we work with you now to understand the Economic benefits and help you with the process of growing hemp and educate Texas hemp farmers in the exploding future Texas hemp market and we look forward to working with our Texas farmers GROW TEXAS HEMP!

Grow Texas Hemp is a Texas Hemp Growers Association

Texas hemp growers association

Serving Texas’ Hemp Industry

The mission of Texas Hemp Harvesters Association (TXHHA) is to advance Texas’ hemp economy by providing our local industry a platform to connect.

TXHHA is creating a league for Texans to shape state industrial hemp programs by educating members on current licensing requirements, responsible supply chain agreements, and new applications for the crop.

TXHHA provides benefits for farmers, supporting businesses, state agencies, our community and the nation by providing high quality events, education from top industry experts, all within an inclusive and supportive culture.

TXHHA is the HOME of Texas Hemp.


Obtaining and maintaining your business licenses with state agencies, department of agriculture and local offices can be intimidating. TXHHA provides access to both information and key personnel from the State of Texas. We prioritize compliance education to make Texas Hemp laws simple.

All aspects of compliance will be addressed; certified seed programs, options for propagation, approved fertilization and pest management, testing procedures, even crop destruction.

TXHHA is committed to keeping our associates current on all aspects related to hemp regulations and licensing requirements within the State of Texas. Associates also have access to network with consultants and professional service organization whom assist hemp business owners stay in compliance.


Current projections for the hemp industry are staggering, there are more than 50,000 uses for the hemp plant and billions of dollars expected. When the buzz is near deafening, TXHHA provides real time opportunities for members by creating an atmosphere where the supply chain engages one another.

Current opportunities to invest in hemp are infinite, TXHHA encourages investors to stay local by providing direct access to this burgeoning market.


Experts predict Texas may become the leader in national hemp production, utilizing technology and supply chain efficiencies already familiar in the state. Texas farmers are born and bred to dominate this market.

Whether it be cotton or coffee, marketing product origins resonates and creates trust with consumers. Texas
Hemp Harvesters Association (TXHHA) supports local farms by encouraging responsible master contracts which engage each aspect of the necessary supply chain: cultivation, testing, processing, and distribution.

TXHHA workshops and community give our associates all the resources needed to succeed.


The founders of TXHHA are passionate about supporting the development of Texas’ burgeoning Hemp industry by bringing experts who provide accurate and relevant information.

Each founder has years of experience with agriculture, cannabis business, and hemp, and have participated w ith legal Cannabis programs in multiple states. As laws change, research is conducted and commercialization begins, sharing information will be vital to ensure the hemp industry thrives. TXHHA is committed to advancing this awareness and knowledge.

Texas hemp growers will have a voice with Texas legislature, state regulatory agencies, and county and local municipalities.

Texas hemp growers association Serving Texas’ Hemp Industry The mission of Texas Hemp Harvesters Association (TXHHA) is to advance Texas’ hemp economy by providing our local industry a