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watch out-once Rite Aid takes the Borders location, the candy counters at the movies might have to close down. This makes no sense at all; what is the thinking behind putting a second store selling exactly the same things, in the same block. That would have been a perfect location for a strip club. I agree there should be a grocery downtown, but it is not practical from a logistics standpoint, where are you going to get the large semitrucks and trailers in to unload? I can't think of a property downtown that would allow that, unless it is built into one of these large new developments, like the one proposed on Huron and Division.

I take back the large truck part, apparently it works but with one stipulation; I saw a full size Sysco rig unloading at Chipotle on State and Liberty, but it was at 2 a.m. They wouldn't let me put a Hooters there but a Walgreens is ok? Apparently you missed the people that used to complain when Lucky Drugs went under. First people complain when they have to do their shopping on the edge of town, then they complain when stores locate in a convenient spot. There are enough people in the area now to justify having two drug stores and a 7-11. If you didn't have the foresight to know what the reprecussions of that decision were, then too bad!

I knew what that meant when it was first proposed and also knew that a lot of development companies and land owners downtown were counting on making great profits off of that decision. This would be a really convenient spot for a Trader Joe's or other small grocery, and they'd make a killing there. I shop at babo pretty frequently, despite the fact that it's really expensive. Not everyone is wealthy enough to buy everything they need there all the time. Very sad people talk about avoiding national retailers but they don't support the local entrepreneurs dumping their own money into this city and taking huge risks. Trader Joe's didn't support the GMO labeling initiative in California, so I wouldn't shop there anyway. OK, as long as Walgreen includes a soda fountain-type section like the one the Kresge's store had in the early '70s. It was a nice place to sit and have hot chocolate between classes. It intrigues me that national chains view the historic district end of the the diag as desirable, while the uber-zoned, could-be-anywhere non-historic, but high-rise happy, South U end of the diag seems not to attract the same kind of retail attention. I also think having a Walgreens so close to a CVS on a street like State is incredibly lame and depressing. I liked the 7-11, because State REALLY needed Slurpees. I like the CVS because it's awesome to be able to get beer, nail polish remover, bandaids, foods that are bad for you, etc. But a Walgreens that close on the same street just really craps the whole place up. It's ALMOST as bad as having 3 different U of M paraphernalia stores back to back. Something like this IS in the hands of the residents, though. If enough people hate this, just spread the word and do what you can to make sure people don't shop there, or before it gets built make sure Walgreens or the land owner know that that location simply will NOT be profitable due to resident mentality. Of course, it is almost NEVER the case that enough people can band together over something like this. I think I've only heard of ONE time that a Walmart decided not to open up shop in a town because of the hullabaloo of the residents. If they know people won't shop there, they won't open shop. If enough people don't shop there, they'll close up. Ann Arbor has changed so much especially in the last 10 years. I lived there a short time about 20 years ago, and know people born in the late 60's who grew up there in the '80s. As far as these high rises go, there are mostly 'for' foreign students. At least the old west side and the far west side look the same. One has to leave the campus area to see the "true" Ann Arbor. and there could be a Jacobson's store where Borders used to be .

@talker For those who don't know, the ORIGINAL Borders Book Shop was at 316 State St.

The store you mention is the expanded second location. For those who don't know, I'll complete your sentence following . The more recent downtown Borders was in the old Jacobson building. Borders original store was on the east side of State St.


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