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REVIEW Vitamin Shoppe CBD

The Vitamin Shoppe chain is now selling CBD. We like The Vitamin Shoppe stores but we are not happy with their choice of CBD products.

Vitamin Shoppe CBD

The Vitamin Shoppe stores currently offers two CBD brands in certain states as of this date, May 25 2019. One brand is called ‘Garden of Life CBD’ and the other brand is ‘Irwin Naturals CBD’. These CBD products are available in The Vitamin Shoppe stores in only certain states at the present time as of May 2019.

The reason we do not like the two CBD brands that Vitamin Shoppe is currently carrying is because both of these products have numerous additional ingredients that may appeal to some consumers but we feel is unnecessary and for some people problematic. What we like to see in a CBD product is simply a high-quality CBD extract in a carrier oil without any added ingredients.

Vitamin Shoppe CBD Review

All of the early companies that produce high quality CBD offered primarily offered their products without extra ingredients. These early CBD producers mostly offered pure unadulterated CBD. But it seems many of the newer companies that are jumping on the CBD bandwagon are adding lots of ingredients to their products. Maybe they are doing this to differentiate themselves from the other companies and maybe from a marketing perspective that will work for them. And, these products may well be excellent products…but, not for us.

Garden of Life CBD

The Garden of Life CBD brand, which also goes by the name ‘Garden of Life Dr. Formulated CBD’ has a bunch of different products with a lot of extra ingredients. Included in these products along with the extra ingredients are flavorings and the sweetener Stevia. Not only do we think the numerous at ingredients are unnecessary; many consumer do not want anything to do with Stevia, this writer included.

Irwin Naturals CBD

We have similar issues with the Irwin Naturals CBD products. The company offers about 17 different CBD products and every one of the lists flaxseed oil as the first ingredient. Flaxseed oil is a problem for many people and a possible danger to others. Flaxseed oil can cause gastrointestinal distress in the form of gas, bloating, cramps, diarrhea and so on. But there is also some concern that flaxseed oil may mimic estrogen in humans and, if this is correct, could put certain people at risk. The phytoestrogens in flaxseed oil may put people who are at higher risk for certain cancers… at even greater risk yet. For this reason, some experts advise that certain people in these certain higher risk groups avoid flaxseed oil.

The takeaway is we feel the best CBD product is one that does not have any unnecessary ingredients and one that is tested for authenticity and purity.

We like The Vitamin Shoppe but are not pleased with their choice CBD products. Read this review for the reasons why the current CBD brands offered in The Vitamin Shoppe stores are not recommended.

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