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Since CBD won’t get you high, medical marijuana doctors find it more favorable to recommend as an alternative treatment for chronic and severe medical conditions. However, it’s worth noting that cannabis is not endorsed by the FDA, making it difficult and illegal for doctors to prescribe it. When it comes to oils derived from hemp, you won’t need a recommendation in order to purchase it. Are there Stores or Dispensaries that Sell CBD Oil? In CT, there are few dispensaries spread out in key cities.

You can find medical-grade CBD products in Waterbury, Hartford, Stamford, New Haven, and Bridgeport. It’s expected that more state-licensed dispensaries will open in the near future. Those who don’t have the time to travel looking for a CBD store or dispensary can always buy from reputable online sellers, which is a very convenient choice since the products will be directly shipped to your doorstep. Online sellers often have a wide range of CBD products, from standard oils and tinctures to capsules and salves, pet products, and vape liquids. This is especially advantageous for those who need a dose of CBD regularly. Before choosing an online CBD seller, make sure to perform a quick background check. Read reviews and testimonials, and check the website to see if their products have undergone third-party lab tests. Our list of the best CBD oil companies is a good place to start your search.

CBD’s popularity in Connecticut continues to grow, which will lead to more dispensaries and CBD stores to open. Marijuana-derived oils are legal as long as an individual is qualified in the state’s medical marijuana program and carries an MMJ card. But for those who don’t, there’s still hemp-derived oils as an option. These are also federally legal and you won’t have to produce an MMJ card to purchase. The state continues to push for the legalization of recreational marijuana use, and only time will tell if this initiative will be put into law. Currently, Connecticut has two bills in the General Assembly addressing the issue. Connecticut is one of the best places to buy CBD in New England, with stores in the Hartford and Bristol Area, New Haven and Milford, and Bethel, Newtown, and Danbury. As one of the fastest-growing health and wellness products on the market, hemp-derived CBD, or cannabidioil, offers recreational and health benefits, including stress reduction, anti-psychotic properties, and evidence of potential cancer prevention. Most importantly, hemp-derived CBD doesn’t contain intoxicating properties, so you can feel safe using it as an oil, lotion, edible, juice, tincture, or any other available form. Our favorite CBD product can be purchased online for delivery to Connecticut: If ordering online is not your thing, below we’ve put together a list of places where you can buy CBD products near Connecticut. For Connecticut residents outside the reach of the above-mentioned areas, there are numerous CBD shops in New York (one of which we’ve highlighted in White Plains), plus Vermont, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island. Alternatively, online CBD retailers are a great option, with extensive inventories and delivery services. You can also expect smaller cities and towns to start carrying CBD. We expect that in the near future you will be able to purchase CBD in the following Connecticut locales: Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury, Norwalk, Danbury, New Britain, Bristol, Meriden, Milford and West Haven. Connecticut has allowed the use of medical marijuana since the year 2012. If a patient has one of the documented qualifying conditions, they are eligible to obtain a prescription for medical cannabis and purchase it through one of the many state-approved dispensaries in operation. Because of this set of laws, marijuana-derived CBD is legal with a prescription and available for purchase at almost any dispensary. Connecticut was the twelfth US state to pass such legislation. If you don’t have a prescription, hemp-derived CBD is also completely legal for both medicinal and recreational usage. CBD has been legal nationwide since December of 2018 due to the passage of the Farm Bill, which removed hemp from the list of Schedule I controlled substances. This made CBD products that fall into those guidelines legal in all 50 states. Hemp, also called industrial hemp, is cannabis that contains less than .3% THC. In addition to that, Connecticut put specific programs in place for farmers in the state to grow hemp.

CBD, because of these two legislative actions, is completely legal statewide as long as it is derived from industrial hemp. Established in 2016, The Health and Wellness Dream (946 Terryville Ave, Bristol, CT 06010) offers a wide variety of high-quality CBD oils and wax. Customer service is a point of emphasis, and the friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to help you find the best CBD product for your needs, whether you’re a first-time CBD buyer or longtime enthusiast. In addition to affordable price points, Health and Wellness offers exclusive online discounts, vouchers, gift certificates, and quote inquiry options. Note: the store is by appointment only but open seven days a week. Blazin Vibes (16 Red Bush Ln, Milford, CT 06461) has one of New England’s largest inventories of vaping goods, essential oils, and CBD products, plus a range of accessories.

With a five-star rating, customers highlight the excellent staff, low CBD prices, and unique selection. Open seven days a week: Monday-Saturday 11AM-8PM, Sunday 12PM-5PM. Best CBD Shops in the Bethel, Newtown, and Danbury.


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