triangle hemp

Triangle Hemp BaOx Feminized Hemp Seed

Trimmed Flower Yield Potential: 1500 lbs/acre

Trimmed flower CBD Potential (Delta-9 Compliance): 23% CBDa

Biomass Yield Potential: 3200 lbs/acre

Biomass CBD Potential (Total THC Compliance): 10% CBDa

CBD:THC Ratio: 24-29:1

Growth Habit: Bushy and round, grows as wide as it is tall. Strong and sturdy branching. Dense flowers make for heavy yields.

Compliance: Every Hemp farmer who grows this variety can pass .3% Total THC pre-harvest compliance testing with proper sample timing.

Sold in Increments of 100

  • $1.49/seed – 100
  • $1.39/seed -200
  • $1.29/seed – 300
  • $1.19/seed – 400
  • $.99/seed – 500-900
  • $.89/seed – 1K-2.5K
  • $.84/seed – 2.6K-5K
  • $.79/seed – 5.1K-10K

For Packs of 10+K, please inquire for adjusted pricing.

We are proud to offer Certified Organic Feminized Hemp Seed. Buy Triangle Hemp BaOx Feminized Hemp Seeds From Canvast Supply Co. Order Online Now!

Triangle hemp

We have combined Delta8 with CBG in a 70%-30% blend. CBG amplifies the positives of Delta 8.

NEW Natures 8 Delta 8 Dream Cartridge D8 + CBN Granddaddy Purp

We have combined Delta8 with CBN distillate in a 50%-50% blend. CBN has been shown to be a very strong sedative cannabinoid (couch lock effect).

Natures 8 Delta 8 Bites 12.5mg Each 400mg Per Jar

Packed with 400 mg of organic extracted delta 8 our new bites will knock your socks off. Each bag contains 32 12.5 mg gummies. Assorted fruit flavors.

“The CBD Vegan Gummies work great. Helps with my anxiety and helps me to relax. CBD is like that little extra that I feel like I need. And it’s affordable.”

It Worked.

“The CBD Rosin drops worked exactly how I needed it to — it helped relieved my anxiety and helped me sleep better, with no side effects.”

They were extremely knowledgeable..

Extremely knowledgeable about the different spectrums of CBD products and they were able to recommend a product that I will purchase in the future.

Sterile Enviroment..super friendly service

Very effective cbd, knowledgeable, sterile environment and super friendly service. No pressure interaction

Pain Relief

Always a great experience. I’m trying a new product (CBD severe pain with camphor and menthol) and so far it’s wonderful. It’s like vapor rub on the arthritic site. A little bit goes a log way . so you truly get your money’s worth with these products.

Help Ease Your Stress

Embrace the benefits of CBD with these delicious gummy bears. These bears differ from traditional gummy bears by the inclusion of organic CBD oil, as well as melatonin and other ingredients designed to help promote a sense of calm and overall wellness.


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A CBD Supplemental Pain Relief Protocol

What’s so special about delta-8 THC?


How to reset your sleep with CBD

For many people, their sleep schedule depends on their daily routine. In everyday life one’s sleep schedule can be easily thrown off. Incorporating our Vegan Organic Gummies before you sleep may help you fall asleep easier and wake feeling restored and energized.

Located in the office of a Alternative Care doctor's office in Raleigh, NC, Triangle Hemp Wellness is the only hemp dispensary certified by the International Center for Cannabis Therapy selling quality CBD products.