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NO BUSINESS-RELATED questions are allowed because we want to love on our customers and not make them feel like a number or money maker. Anyone who has bought oils from a member of Frank and Val may be added to this group. They do not have to be working the business side to be in this group.

We will hold online classes highlighting certain oils and ER. This is a much smaller group than Lemon Aid Library, but we hope it will be helpful in educating your kit sales in how to use their oils! What groups do I need to add my business people to? So, if you have someone who would like to try out the biz side of things, feel free to add them to this group. We ask that you let one of the admin know who they are and what they’re looking for on the biz side. IF they decide not to do the biz side, then we will remove them from the group after two or three weeks just to help stream line it. 2) Lemondroppers : If you have a COMMITTED business person, then please add them to Team Hustle on Facebook so that they can have access to Lindsey’s AWESOME marketing materials such as Share-O-Matic, Lemon Drop Shop, and Training Videos. REMEMBER: Lindsey has asked that everything in Hustle STAY in Hustle… PLEASE DO NOT SHARE with other business teams. 3) Oily Love : This is a secret group we created for EVERYONE who has ordered a kit from you.

We hope it grows into a great resource for people to use who have oil usage questions. We plan on posting videos on how to use the oils and what they are used for… as well as hold group classes on oils and introduce people to ER. This group will be set up similarly to Lemon Aid Library, but MUCH smaller and easier to join. As we grow, we will probably have to put a form in place just like the library, but for right now, feel free to add your kit sales to this group! Purchase A Kit Use, Love, and Learn Your Oils Share Your Story- Unlike other Direct Sales we ARE NOT salesy. No messaging friends at random when they have never shown interest. No pushy sales tactics, which by the way push more friends away. The Lemon Dropper way is to share your STORY- not a sales pitch. We are striving to reach a wider audience, so Lindsay has created some fun marketing materials for the entire team to use. Others will then feel the freedom to share with you their own wellness struggles. 1:5 Ratio on Social Media: Try to make your oil story posts one out of every five social media posts. You don’t want to be “that” person that over posts. Write in a way that you really talk; let people hear your voice and be natural or funny or anecdotal. People love visual aids, and it makes the post stand out in a fun, personal way. Do not overwhelm people with a ton of information in that first message. So: Explain why you got started in the oils and what issues you wanted to address Ask them what issues they would like to address and what’s going on. (Add the person’s name to your spreadsheet of contacts. Make notes about what they are asking about, date of contact, action point for next step When they write back, then you can begin to introduce the kit and how you got started with oils. If you introduce the $150 kit in that FIRST email, you will scare them off. Essential Rewards- Benefits to Your Monthly Subscription Box By placing a 100PV monthly order you get your commission check on any kit sales or reorders, make rank/higher commission levels, and if able be stacked under by your upline if it is possible within the structure of their business. Placing a 50PV monthly order you can only receive the kit sale and are not considered truly doing the business because you cannot earn commissions or ranks.

Benefits of ER (Your Subscription Box) Cheaper Shipping Earn reward points from your PV (Point Value)-which can be redeemed through Live Chat after you’ve been enrolled for 2 months Keep in mind ER is not a Young Living requirement for commission. It is a Lemon Dropper Team guideline as we feel it makes the most sense to enroll in a program that gives you free oils, makes it easy to ensure you’ll receive your check every month, and communicate with your upline that you are actively working the business Change your date each month Change what comes in your subscription ER box Young Living’s Promo Items each month and special promo items for Essential Reward customers. Welcome to the team (password: START3102LD) WATCH VIDEO #2. What We Believe (password: 45BELIEVE21IT8) WATCH VIDEO #4.

Why We’re Different (password: 45NEVER87MLM1LD) WATCH VIDEO #5. Where to Start (password: 56LETS88BEGIN01) WATCH VIDEO #6. The Unsales Tactic & Ways to Share (password: 5NON456SALESY43) WATCH VIDEO #7. The Business of ER (password: 458BIZ6ER8LEARN1) WATCH VIDEO #8.


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