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This grip not only accents the brush but proves really useful in stopping the brush slipping out of the hand, particularly when wet. The rest of the handle is made from a smooth to touch gloss white plastic. So, as you will see in the images, I am reviewing the Black color option here. One the White colored unit, the White rubber grip blends into the plastic body a little more so it looks all White. Whilst the majority of the plastic body is smooth, an extra touch on the Pro 1000 is that on the upper rear of the handle is a series of ridges formed from plastic.

They give an extra grippy surface and are not essential, but a welcome addition. It is on the front of the brush handle where the main controls are. A fairly simple setup, in the upper third of the brush handle, is the power button that had a nice feedback to it. Press it once to turn the brush on and activate the one cleaning mode, named Daily Clean. On both, the Black of White handle the power button is White in color with a power icon on it. However, it is much more prominent on the Black handle as it contrasts with the Black. Above and below this power button are contours in the rubber that drive the eye and the finger/thumb to it. The lower third of the brush handle has the Oral-B and Braun logo in white and then a battery and charging icon below them.

The transparent icons light up when on charge or when the battery is low. This is where one of the small criticisms of this brush comes in. The upper charging icon lights up Red when the battery is low whilst the battery icon will flash Green when on charge. For me, I would like to see more feedback from the battery. For example, when the brush is turned off, the battery icon stays lit for 10 seconds, green to show a good amount of power in the battery, yellow for medium and red for low, but sadly this is not the case. Many will leave the brush on the charging stand provided, but it would be nice in my opinion to have this extra level of feedback. However, with up to 16 days of usage time from the battery maybe this is not necessary. If you take a look at the very bottom of the brush, although it stands upright, you will find a recess into which the inductive charger fits. The charging stand has a small prong on it that the 1000 brush handle sits on. Maybe you expected this, but the handle is completely sealed, meaning it is waterproof. Now, this does mean it can be used in the shower and can safely be rinsed under the tap to clean it off. I strongly advise submerging the brush in water and the charging stand is not waterproof. Right at the top of the brush handle is a metal prong, this is what the brush head connects to and feeds the power from the brush motor. Brush heads simply push on and pull off the handle, you will hear it click into place. Provided with a CrossAction brush head, this is the ‘standard’ brush head Oral-B provide with their brushes. It has been designed to offer a good general clean to the teeth and gums. Oral-B’s studies have shown that they can remove up to 300% more plaque from the gumline compared to a manual brush. Plaque at the gumline is the cause of gum disease, something none of us want. If your gums are red and swollen and bleeding, this is likely as a result of plaque buildup and the early stages of gum disease. Thankfully gum disease to a point is reversible and the Pro 1000 can really help make your teeth and gums healthier. Whilst it comes supplied with the CorssAction brush head you can choose from any of the following: CrossAction FlossAction Precision Clean Sensitive Pro White Deep Sweep Ortho. Sold separately, any of the above will fit onto the brush and work with the Daily Clean mode offered on the brush. Make sure the head of the brush is replaced every 3 months to avoid doing damage to the teeth. It can be difficult to remember when you last changed or replaced the heads. Thankfully the blue bristles you see on the head will fade over time. When they are a very pale blue or white, you need to replace the head. All official Oral-B heads have these fading bristles.

Other brands may not so be aware of this, if not buying manufacturer originals. When the power button is pressed, the brush head begins moving automatically, this is the Daily Clean mode that lasts for a total of 2 minutes. 2 minutes is the dentist recommended brushing time, you should do this twice a day.

To help make sure you brush for the right amount of time, the Pro 1000 has a timer built-in. This breaks the 120 second cleaning cycle down into 4 x 30 second chunks.


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