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By The Fresh Toast's Brendan Bures, provided exclusively to Benzinga Cannabis. Israeli researchers have launched three clinical trials that utilize CBD’s anti-. 5 days ago I started these seeds and today I see most of the tray has come up already! These are our Baox x Cannatonic#4 F2 seed hunt for our next Male Stud.

BUY 2 get 1 free on individual seeds or pounds of Hemp seed. #HealersNotDealers #KNOWYOURCBD #NotJustCBD #ENDPAINNOTLIVES #CBD #FullSpectrum #Hemp #HempHeals #HempFarmers #PureMichigan #HempGenetics #HempSeed #IHempMichigan #Cannabis. We're still running our 420 sale in our online store! We are continuing our 420 sale on ALL Great Lakes Hemp Supplement products through the rest of the month!! Use code 420 on the website at greatlakeshempsupplements.com or give us a call at (231) 620-1420 to place an order! Pick-up option if you are local here in Traverse City! EPIDIOLEX® (cannabidiol) Oral Solution Has Been Descheduled And Is No Longer A Controlled Substance. #HealersNotDealers #KNOWYOURCBD #NotJustCBD #ENDPAINNOTLIVES #CBD #FullSpectrum #HempSeed #MichiganHemp #CBD #Hemp.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to still be able to work during these times. A little retribution after all the years I did incarcerated for cannabis now it is the reason I get to keep working and growing my business. It gives me a couple days to see what we need to do in the upcoming week while I water and clean plants up. Today I started a little after 10am meeting with a few of my close friends meeting me throughout the day and paying one of our caregivers. I ran home for lunch and to go over the greenhouse construction with another old friend that does most my building and construction projects anymore. When we walked out back there was 2 Dear eating my fall cover crop. While back there a lonely Turkey trotted through the back of the feild. Lol I went back to the warehouse and started my F2 Baox x Cannatonic #4 Seeds for this spring. I need to find a few special males for breeding this coming fall! I sprayed with Big Time exterminator in veg room after rinsing the flower room with just water. Still taking Clone orders if you actually read this far! #HealersNotDealers #KNOWYOURCBD #NotJustCBD #THC #ENDPAINNOTLIVES #Hemp #HempHeals @ Center for Compassion. Starting at Only .50 cents a seed Plant your own food & Medicine. #HealersNotDealers #Hemp #KNOWYOURCBD #NotJustCBD #Cannabis. Our Traverse City store is located at: 2366 Cass Rd | Traverse City, MI | 49684 Call us TODAY at (231) 620-1420. My fellow activists you should be DAMN PROUD of what we have been able to accomplish. Activism has showed me that we do still have a say and there is Power in Numbers! #HealersNotDealers #KNOWYOURCBD #NotJustCBD #ENDPAINNOTLIVES #CBD #FullSpectrum #CompasssionOil #NotSnakeOil #MMMPOF2008 #MEDICALCANNABIS #PATIENTSOVERPROFITS #EssentialService #KnowYourRights. Yesterday with the help of my best friend Rich with his giant truck and trailer we picked up a Greenhouse! I am really excited to get this set up and going this year. This is really going to help us make more space for cloning this spring! We have Tested High CBD Hemp Seeds as well as CBD & CBG Clones! #HealersNotDealers #KNOWYOURCBD #NotJustCBD #ENDPAINNOTLIVES #CBD #FullSpectrum #CompasssionOil #NotSnakeOil #cleanmeds #Hemp #HempHeals #HempFarmers #PureMichigan #HempSeed #CBDSeeds. Here are some pictures I took while we were in the UP for our Ski trip at Mt Bohemia.

The keweenaw peninsula is such a beautiful area of Michigan! Cannabis has Antiviral and antibacterial properties! You can't help but start your day with a smile with views like this! Hempcrete scores a perfect 'O' under ASTM fire testing in USA. Hempcrete scores a perfect 'O' under ASTM fire testing in USA. back from truly being able to call hempcrete the fireproof material that it actually is. Cotton Gin Converts Machines to Process Hemp by Betsy Jibben | Read more Regional News about Agriculture and Crop Production on AgWeb. I have received the lab reports from our 1st round of High CBD Hemp Seed testing of our 2020 seed stock!

I am so happy to see this project coming along great! 10%+CBD and right at the federally allowed .3%THC in our Biomass samples. We have successfully crossed Colorado's Best, Centennial Seeds best CBD producing hemp strain, "Baox" to our Award Winning Cannatonic #4 and the perkins cannatonic to bring you Michigan Made and Tested HIGH CBD Hemp Genetics.


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