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We have locally raised chicken, beef, as well as buns (gluten free), condiments, chips, and more! The same “no sugar added” brand now has Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds and Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts! Also, don’t forget the always delicious Semi Sweet Baking Chips for some awesome cookies for those kiddos that are home for the summer! 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪 Granary Health Food Store Is Coming Soon. There has been so much discussion about what is going to be in the “Old Payless Shoe Store”.

Emblem Properties has the latest information for you! Granary Health Foods is proud to be opening store #11, right here in our community. We spoke with Wynn Worthen, the Regional Manager for Granary Health Foods who is very proud and excited to establish a presence here. The store located at 3012 SH Hwy 30, in the old payless shoe store, is expected to open January 20, 2020. Granary Health Foods was established out of a small Texas town called, Gladewater in 1991. The premise came from the owner who was tired of paying such a high price for organic foods. While large chains offer “low prices”, some would say they lack in customer service. Granary Health Food remains competitive in pricing and is an expert at customer service.

Wynn states, mostly anything offered in the large box grocery market, you will find here. Items such as Milk, Eggs, Supplements, Essential Oils, Non GMO Meats- grown and raised locally, and more. Close to Huntsville, Granary Health Foods is currently open and established in Conroe, Tx. Approximately 20% of their clientele travel to Conroe and expressed a need for their service in our town. “We saw a need and an opportunity in Huntsville for our service” Wynn states. Granary Health Foods will open January 20, 2020 and be open for business Monday thru Friday 10:00 am to 6:00pm. As demand increases, the hours are subject to change. Find Granary Health Foods on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/GranaryHealthFoodsHuntsville/?ref=br_rs. At Emblem Properties, we continue to offer The Customer Service Difference—Where Our Clients Are #1, while also ensuring the health of our agents, clients, and community as a whole. Please click on this link to read for more information on how we can best serve you during this Covid-19 situation. From Plush Hand Warmers to Wildlife Creature Close-Ups. There are so many adorable penguin products on the market, the majestic arctic-dwelling creature is bound to make an appearance in your everyday encounters. The little tuxedo-colored creatures are adorable in and of themselves, but when paired with household products, art pieces or campaigns their cuteness skyrockets to exponential levels. You'll be gushing at how darling cute hand warmers, shakers and even eggplants are. The creative potential and possibilities that occur because of penguins is incredible -- this may or may not be true. These whimsical waddling penguins will make mundane products more interesting, and make your passionate love for penguins blossom and grow. Although you might not live in the arctic, you can still covet any one of these adorable penguin products that pay tribute to the beautiful monochromatic creature. We Thank You for considering Nature’s Select as your pet food provider. We’re sure that our freshest, highest-quality nutrition will make your best friend happy and healthy. Nature's Select Pet Food helps Puskas to stay healthy and perform to the best of his ability in the police K-9 unit. Service dogs and guide dogs have an important job: to take care of their owners. To stay alert and ready to work, they require quality nutrition. Nature’s Select Pet Food uses only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients and is made right here in the USA! Browse our award-winning Nature’s Select products below.

With a range of optimal protein levels and quality ingredients, we have a variety of recipes for you to choose from. Discover which recipe is best for your dog to thrive. Freeze-Dried Meal Toppers, Bites, and Treats are a wonderful addition to your pet's daily meal. Our Nature’s Select Canned Food for Dogs is available in a variety of flavors that will suit any dog of any age. Canned food pairs well with our Nature’s Select Dry Dog Food Recipes.

The flavorful combination of chicken & fish in our Select Feline Classic Recipe provides cats the optimal nutrition they need to sustain a long and happy life. My first two dogs, Dakota and Sierra, lived 15 and 13.5 years respectively and went from the puppy food, to adult food, to the senior food blend with Glucosamine as they got older. Service has always been top notch and the home delivery is fantastic. Now my dogs, Dodger and Sasha, are happy healthy Nature's Select dogs!" "Love the convenience of next day delivery and the quality of the dog food.


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