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Geraldine loves to dance salsa and play tennis (only occasionally at the same time) and is involved in IDEAS and the First-Gen, Low-Income groups on campus. Majors: (potential) Asian American Studies, Neuroscience and/or Psychological Science. A sponsor for the bright first-years, mentor/advisor for high school students in PAYS (Pomona College Academy for Youth Success), member of PSS (Pomona Science Scholars), and a lab/research assistant in a Neuroscience lab that works with the neuronal mechanisms of decision-making behavior in C. He partakes in frequent volleyball games with friends on Marston Quad or on one of the beaches on campus, plays his ukulele and sings out his dorm windows, and is a regular at Pendleton Pool, reading poetry under the sun.

Major/Minor: Geology, Mathematics (minor) Daphne enjoys being a part of the learning process by being a mentor for the chemistry and math departments at Pomona. She is also an editor for the Claremont Journal of Medicine and Social Justice and a writer for the Voices student blog. Outside of class, her main passions are yoga, classic cars, dogs, and ice cream. You will most likely find her trolling for dogs to pet on Marston Quad, running late for a class at Claremont Yoga, studying in Edmunds, or eating her weight in ice cream at Bert and Rocky’s. While currently undeclared, Peter’s favorite subjects include history, politics, and philosophy. Outside of the classroom, Peter can be found perfecting his ollie, working out with the lacrosse team, or helping with The Student Life (TSL) podcasts. Nolan is from a small mountain town in Northern California and has been passionate about the outdoors and the environment from a young age. He spends his time hiking, skiing, reading about nature, staring at the San Gabriel Mountains, and licking rocks (it’s a thing in geology).

Find him lying on the grass in Marston Quad or in Edmunds Hall looking at all the beautiful minerals. Haidee enjoys biking around, trying all the on-campus coffee shops with friends, heading to ultimate frisbee practice, or getting the scoop as a writer for The Student Life newspaper. When Haidee isn't tour guiding, she can be found goofing off in the physics lounge, gazing at the mountains from the Scripps dining hall balcony, or reading in trees. Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School, Los Angeles, CA. Major: Public Policy Analysis (PPA) with a chemistry concentration. Guatemalan-born, Cynthia enjoys doing nearly everything—unless it's related to sports. When she's not walking backwards as a tour guide, you can find her dancing (as in the Salsa Club!), wearing a blue lab coat as a research assistant, or tutoring chemistry students. She loves petting cute dogs on Marston Quad, eating yummy omelets at Frank Dining Hall and making cute crafts at the Hive. Major: Undecided (potentially Classics & Physics) When asked whether Ethan had the personality of a dog or a cat, his friends answered, “some. weird combination of the two.” An avid enthusiast of post-punk music and Irish folksongs, Ethan enjoys skateboarding, video games, and perfecting his Rubik’s Cube solve time. When he’s not translating Ancient Greek and Latin and solving physics problems, Ethan sings in the Pomona College Choir, writes short stories, and spends time with his friends. Major/Minor: Politics, Spanish (minor) Moving “down south” to college, Danny somehow managed to find a new home with even better weather. When not in class, you can find Danny in the back of Frary dining hall nearly breaking the industrial mixer as a baker and president of Claremont Challah. He also leads the local chapter of J Street U, an Israeli/Palestinian pro-peace advocacy political club. Danny obsessively drags his friends to hear cool speakers on campus, looking to say “yes” to every opportunity Pomona throws his way. You also can find his writing on the Voices student blog. Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School, Austin TX. As a proud and extroverted Texan, Nirali loves nothing more than sharing her love of Pomona with anyone who will listen. Outside of pretending to do work on Marston Quad, she is a part of ASPC Senate, Judicial Board, and a random compilation of committees on campus ranging from picking the Orientation Book to the ITS (Information Technology Services) Advisory body. Nirali loves any excuse to be active on campus without actually doing her homework and can't wait to use tour guiding as another procrastination tool! Major/Minor: Economics, potentially ChicanX-LatinX Studies (minor) As a mixed, first-generation, and low-income (FLI) college student, Evangeline also loves looking in-depth at intersectional issues such as social injustice, economic inequity, and systems of oppression. When she isn't working on problem sets for Econ, she can be found speaking Spanish at Oldenborg, tossing a disc with one of her ultimate frisbee teammates, working at the Career Development Office, mentoring incoming FLI (First-Generation and/or Low-Income) students, thinking about pan dulce from La Estrella, or completing un montón de readings for her Chicano/Latino studies courses.

Major/Minor: Math, Art (minor) Lily is undeclared but thoroughly enjoys math, art, dance, sociology and boba. She is a sponsor for Blaisdell 2 Front (go B2F!) and is one of the rare few who actually enjoys ice breakers. Every Friday she sells bread in the morning (with Challah for Hunger) and works with students at a nearby school in the afternoons with Pomona Partners, a program at the Draper Center for Community Partnerships. North Chicago Community High School, North Chicago IL. Aside from tour guiding, Jeremias can be found working and singing in the Coop Fountain, taking casual walks or bike rides around campus, or listening to Latinx/hip-hop music.

He is involved in Latinx Alliance as an executive board member, FLI (First Generation-Low Income) Scholars as a mentor and committee member, and is always happy to spend time with others! A transfer from UC Berkeley, Tessa is enjoying exploring the sunny beaches, Joshua Tree National Park and Mount Baldy. Outside of tour guiding, she is a member of the Pomona-Pitzer Track and Field team, helped start a 5C Dance Marathon club, and volunteers at the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center.


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