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It's a little bleak when you set it out but it's still true. Honestly, beyond Friends, we never found ourselves getting interested in any show that featured a bunch of kids, whether they were in high school or trying to navigate their twenties, because the writing seemed to get pretty stale, pretty quickly. There's a chance that a lot of you will have a lot of nostalgia for these sorts of shows, but it's just not something that ever appealed to us in any sort of major way, so it always managed to pass us by. The use of women as sex objects, sadly, hasn't seen much of a decrease in the Western world, despite the fact that we're all aware of the problems that can arise when you spend this much time and effort turning women into nothing other than objects to be leered at by men. You would think that, after all this time, we would've come to an understanding that women can literally do everything that a man can do and are worth more than their bodies.

Another trope that is seemingly everywhere in television is the concept that pretty much everyone out there is astonishingly beautiful. Why don't any of these popular shows ever have an ugly person? These people don't show the world what society truly looks like. If you're a particularly attractive person, you'll know that nobody looks like you. In fact, it would be harder for you to gather up a group of people that look like you than not. While it's true that we consider reality television to be a real problem, something that seems to bring out the absolute worst in pretty much every single human being that attempts to engage with it, we do have to admit that it has also thrown up some truly brilliant shows, shows that highlight some fantastic talent that would've otherwise gone unnoticed. If television isn't either informing or entertaining, it should at least be giving a platform to under appreciated people with a fantastic talent. For a modern audience, it seems pretty crazy that somebody would be drawn into watching a show like this one just because it includes women who will likely be wearing very few clothes while the cameras are turned on, as if this actually makes any major difference to the amount of entertainment you can get from it. Honestly, we think shows like this should be consigned to a time in human history when people were just a lot more ignorant. We're not huge fans of the current trend in Hollywood that seems to argue you can't make anything worthwhile these days unless you're just throwing a more modern aesthetic onto a property that has already existed for years, but that doesn't mean it can't be done right.

When it's not just a shameless grab for cash, the concept of a fresh new take on an old property can actually be really appealing and bring new light or drama to something long forgotten. The politics of beauty in the real world, especially when it comes to gender, is actually something that can be written about and explored in an interesting way, which is what makes it all the more annoying when people seem to want to constantly boil it down to the most shallow levels possible. This isn't only the fault of television, but we think that the entertainment media has a hell of a lot to do with it when you start to take a look. If you're currently trying to create a show or get a script up and running and you want to add an injection of drama, we would suggest that you include an entire narrative arc about somebody coming to terms with something they know about, that they shouldn't. Having a character discover something while they're sleuthing is a fantastic way to add narrative drama while also increasing the tension between two characters. We all know what it's like to be sat on information that nobody else can know. Seriously, we know we keep talking about it, but how can television shows cast people who only look this good?! Why do they think that people across the world have problems with how they look when they're constantly shown images like this on television, images that supposedly give us an insight into what people usually look like. These two are ridiculously attractive, to the point where it should seem ludicrous to anybody living in the real world and seeing real people on a regular basis. Over the past decade, there has definitely been more of a swing to a dark and gothic atmosphere, a vibe that first seemed to come along after the huge amount of popularity that got thrown at the Twilight saga. Not wanting to be left behind by a winning trend, television and other movie franchises quickly started popping up with a much darker visual aesthetic, even if the writing decided to keep it fairly upbeat and not resort to the same tricks as the visuals. While some would argue that it's not a great thing, reality television has made it so that any facet of the real world can be taken seriously by a television audience. You might not understand why people would want to watch it, but reality television dictates that if you can make it seem real and attempt to inject a sense of drama into the proceedings, there will be people out there who will tune in to watch whatever you've come up with this time. Without wanting to give away the answer, the fact that this show exists seems absolutely ridiculous to us. How they were able to find a group of people who were willing to watch something like this is lost on us. If you're the sort of person who watches this show, we would genuinely like to meet you to see what you are like because we don't believe that there is anyone in our life that does watch this sort of thing. As we've talked about before, there's still a long way to go when it comes to how women are portrayed in entertainment media, as it would seem that most female characters are still used to help prove stereotypes rather than fight them. As we all know, pretty much everything that television teaches us about what women are like in the real world is entirely untrue, but that doesn't mean people aren't picking up on these ridiculous vibes and dragging them into our real world. We've got to a point in television where there is literally nothing that people won't watch, meaning there's nothing that writers and producers can't attempt to make a show out of. We have entire shows now based around the concept of a high school glee club! People always say that there's nothing that hasn't already been done, but it feels as if people behind television want to try and disprove this concept every single time they bring out something new. It's only once you start to take an interest in animation that you notice the serious change in atmosphere that can be created purely by the way that the show has been drawn and animated. At first, a cartoon just looks like a cartoon, but we have a real love and appreciation for great art, especially when it's put in motion. You can really tell the difference once you start to take a look at what can be achieved in the medium.

We have a huge appreciation for a lot of the work that is being done in modern animation, but we also have a soft spot for the stuff that came along in the last couple of decades, the stuff that allowed animators a chance to show off a darker side to cartoons and cartoon character. You only have to look at this image to see that it has a darker aesthetic to many of the other cartoons created during that time. It has got to a point now where certain famous cartoon characters have been rebooted or given their own spin offs that it's impossible to truly remember where they started if you aren't a proper lover of cartoons or have been watching them for decades since the characters were first invented. This isn't really a bad thing as it has offered younger audiences a chance to get involved with the cartoon character that the generations before them also fell in love with. While we know there's a side of the spin-off culture that should be championed in art and collaboration, we do think that it says something if a franchise has to be rebooted or receive a franchise more than once.

If you start getting into the territory of rebooting something every time it's not as popular as you want it to be, it's probably time you accept that maybe it's best to come up with something new that will get people interested again. In a world where the internet is something that most people, especially in the Western world, spend pretty much every single day trawling through, images and memes can become iconic. However, that doesn't mean you actually have any idea where the image has come from. I recognize every single one of these men and the characters that they're playing, but don't know the character's name or what show they're a part of unless somebody explicitly tells me that information. Lasting female relationships based on love and trust are few and far between in popular entertainment media, as they're usually played off each other or given shallow relationships that seemingly don't go beyond casual female stereotypes.


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