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Really helps with back pain and…

Really helps with back pain and insomnia. Thanks Guys!

Good customer service

Good customer service.
Prompt delivery.
Quality product.

Awesome company with an even better…

Awesome company with an even better product. Shipping is always fast and accurate

Fast delivery

Fast delivery. Product seems to be working as expected

Fast service

Ordered on Thursday arrived in the mail on Monday. Best and fastest service I’ve ever used.

I am using BLITZ Zero 3000mg

I am using BLITZ Zero 3000mg peppermint flavor. I’ve tried other reputable brands at higher mg that simply didn’t work for me. I gave them benefit of doubt and started the second bottle same result. nada thing other than being out money and time still hurting physically and mentally. My dosing is as follows for BLITZ Zero thc: .25mL dropper in the am before coffee, second dose is around midday with another .25mL dropper and .50mL dropper at bedtime. This regiment helps with my PTSd, anxiety, lower spinal injury, hips, knees and r/shoulder from my service.

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Warfighter Hemp CBD Review

CBD products are becoming a popular way to promote general wellness, with an ever-growing list of CBD brands to choose from. Knowing which brands offer the best quality and the right products for you can sometimes be a little confusing.

Warfighter Hemp is a brand that aims to make the process of purchasing CBD much simpler. This is thanks to its clear focus and detailed product information. Warfighter Hemp’s products are carefully designed with veterans in mind.

Let’s find out more about this brand and what it does for vets.

Warfighter Hemp Quick Summary


  • Products are crafted with organic hemp
  • American-made range of CBD products
  • A CBD brand “Made for Veterans, by Veterans”
  • 50% veteran discount available
  • Variety of products that include THC-free oil and vegan capsules
  • Products are all third-party lab-tested for a full profile analysis


  • Only ships to the US and Canada

For our UK customers, you can still find high-quality hemp from some of the best CBD brands in the market. Start your search by finding out the 10 best CBD oils in the UK.

Who Is Warfighter Hemp CBD?

Warfighter Hemp is an interesting brand in that it has a particular audience. While most CBD brands market their products as general wellness supplements, Warfighter Hemp has just one clear group in mind. Its mission is to provide “veterans with a non-addictive, non-intoxicating means to improve the overall quality of their lives.”

Warfighter Hemp is more than a CBD brand. It is a community made up of veterans and non-veterans who share a joint mission and believe in the healing power of good quality CBD products. Unlike many other CBD brands, profit is not the driving force at Warfighter Hemp. They even donate 10% of profits to charities who work to support veterans’ independence.

Quality is critical at Warfighter Hemp, remaining at the heart of everything that they do. In order to ensure consistently brilliant quality across all of the products, Warfighter Hemp uses third-party lab testing and makes the results from these tests public for customers to read.

Another essential part of the Warfighter Hemp brand is providing customers with as much freedom as possible. Warfighter Hemp’s products are designed to give veterans independence and confidence, and that starts with choosing the right products for their individual requirements.

Warfighter Hemp offers a large selection of hemp CBD products, including everything from traditional CBD oil tinctures to fun CBD-infused bath bombs. The company uses the same high-quality, 100% organic hemp plants across all of the other product options, providing the consistency that you can trust.

Warfighter Hemp focuses on creating high-quality CBD products while also working to improve the community that they support. Find out how they do this below!

Warfighter Hemp CBD Highlights

  • 100% Organically Grown Hemp: All of the CBD found within Warfighter Hemp’s products comes from organically grown hemp plants sourced from Colorado farms. Warfighter Hemp works closely with the farms to support farming families and regenerate agricultural and organic farming practices within the local area.
  • Range of Great Discounts: One of the ways that Warfighter Hemp works to support veterans is by ensuring they can actually access the CBD products that they have on offer. Warfighter Hemp has several discounts, including a veteran membership designed to make their products as affordable as possible.
  • Made in the USA: Warfighter Hemp works to keep its products as eco-friendly as possible, and therefore, all CBD products are made within the USA. By keeping growth and manufacturing local, Warfighters Hemp can also support local farms and manufacturers.

Warfighter Hemp CBD Negative Thoughts

  • Limited Shipping: Warfighter Hemp only offers shipping to the USA and Canada. This makes it difficult for international customers to access the products.
  • Packed Website Design: Warfighter Hemp’s website and online store include a wealth of information designed to get you started on a positive CBD journey. While all of this information is great, it results in a slightly packed feeling that can make it challenging to find the exact information you are looking for.

Warfighter Hemp CBD Tinctures

Warfighter Hemp has an extensive range of CBD oil tincture options to choose from, including different CBD types, concentrations, and even pet-friendly oils.

When it comes to choosing the precise concentration of CBD in your tincture, Warfighter Hemp understands that everyone is different. That’s why they offer seven different concentrations, starting with a mild 150mg and working all the way up to 6000mg.

Having so many options gives you the freedom to really take control of your supplement intake. Warfighter Hemp’s extensive range also means that you can easily adjust your CBD intake depending on how you feel and to match your body’s CBD tolerance over time.

When purchasing CBD oil tinctures from Warfighter Hemp, there are two types of CBD to choose from. Warfighter Hemp’s full-spectrum CBD is excellent for those who also want an easy way to provide their body with a blend of terpenes along with all of the other cannabinoids that occur within hemp plants.

Meanwhile, Warfighter Hemp’s zero-THC hemp oils are a much better option for those who prefer a pure CBD experience.

All of Warfighter Hemp’s CBD oil tinctures are available in two flavors:

  • Original
  • Peppermint

Having the two different flavors gives you a chance to experiment and use your CBD in other recipes as well as consuming them on their own.

No matter which CBD oil tincture you choose, you can enjoy each drop with confidence. All of Warfighter Hemp’s oils are tested in third-party labs for purity and potency. Warfighter Hemp’s CBD oil is also guaranteed to be 100% gluten-free and vegan friendly.

The Warfighter Hemp Start Bundle includes a CBD oil tincture and is a great way to kickstart your CBD journey.

Warfighter Hemp CBD Topicals

Part of the Warfighter Hemp brand is about making CBD accessible to those who need it. A big part of this is ensuring that veterans can access as many different forms of CBD as possible so that they are sure to find the perfect solution for them. Therefore, Warfighter Hemp offers a wide range of CBD topicals for those who prefer to use CBD externally rather than sublingually.

When it comes to topicals, Warfighter Hemp has every area covered, with product options ranging from CBD hand sanitizer and CBD lotions to CBD-infused bath bombs and CBD sunscreen. With Warfighter Hemp’s topical products, it could not be easier to add a little extra CBD into your skincare regimen.

Warfighter Hemp uses the same high-quality, USA-grown hemp found in its tinctures to create their topicals. By using the same hemp plants, Warfighter Hemp ensures that each item can be used in conjunction with the other items for a truly customizable CBD routine.

The Warfighter Hemp topical lotion is a great place to start for those who are looking for a simple yet effective CBD topical. There are two options available: 1000mg and 1500mg. Both contain the very best full-spectrum CBD that Colorado farms have to offer.

There are also beautifully scented bath bombs to choose from for a slightly more relaxing way to fuel your body. Scents include kiwi, citrus, peppermint, and fresh bamboo. With so many scented bath bombs on offer, bath time never has to feel like a chore again.

As with all of the products, Warfighter Hemp uses third-party lab testing on their topicals. This ensures that every single item delivers the very best quality straight to your door. A really nice feature is that you can access these reports even before shopping.

Warfighter Hemp CBD Capsules

Warfighter Hemp has three types of CBD capsules, designed to provide all of the benefits of the CBD oils but in a discreet and super simple form.

CBD tinctures are great for days when you have the time to measure out precise amounts of CBD. On the other hand, capsules are perfect for times when you’re in a rush and need something quick and effective. This is where Warfighter Hemp’s capsules come in, saving you time when you need it most.

Warfighter Hemp offers gel capsules to provide a smooth and straightforward way to consume CBD. It also has standard capsules, which can be purchased in both full-spectrum and zero-THC.

As Warfighter Hemp uses the same CBD formulas in both the capsules and oil tinctures, the two can be used interchangeably for maximum convenience.

Warfighter Hemp’s Other Products

The ‘Other’ section on Warfighter Hemp’s online store is worth checking out. They offer several fantastic CBD products that do not fit into the main product categories.

Within this section, you will find a hemp seed cooking oil, rainbow root hemp tea, full-spectrum clover honey, and full-spectrum Alfalfa honey. Warfighter Hemp’s cooking range is a great way to add CBD into your diet with ease while also exploring new recipes.

How to Buy Warfighter Hemp CBD Products

Warfighter Hemp’s CBD products can be purchased online through the store. And they offer shipping options for those who live within the USA and Canada. It is a shame that Warfighter Hemp does not extend its shipping options for a more international reach, but given the brand’s focus, this is not too surprising.

Warfighter Hemp offers free shipping on orders over $100. The exact price of smaller orders varies based on location, shipping time, and the size of your order.

The brand always has a range of offers to help you save money, such as the current offer that gives you two free bath bombs every time you buy a four-pack. A huge part of this brand is making CBD products accessible to those who need them. These fantastic offers are just one of the ways in which they do this.

Warfighter Hemp also offers 50% off all tinctures for anyone with veteran status. This 50% discount is just one of the ways that Warfighter Hemp hopes to support veterans and improve their overall quality of life.

A great way to stay up to date on all of the latest Warfighter Hemp news is by signing up for the newsletter. This means you are always the first to know about new products and discounts.

Final Verdict on Warfighter Hemp CBD

Warfighter Hemp is somewhat of a rare find when it comes to CBD brands, and is one of the few brands dedicated to creating accessible CBD products for veterans. There may be many brands that offer a veteran discount, but Warfighters Hemp is one of the few that has actually designed the products with veterans as the primary focus.

Warfighter Hemp’s CBD products can, of course, be purchased by everyone within the USA. Whether you are a veteran or just someone looking to experience CBD at its best, perhaps check out Warfighter Hemp’s website for yourself.

Final Verdict: 8/10

If you’re a veteran, you may want to learn a little more about how CBD works in the body and why it may be beneficial for you. Take a look at the basic science behind this fascinating compound!

Got a little bit of potent Warfighter Hemp CBD? Here is everything you might need to know about this CBD brand right here. ]]>