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A firm believer in the benefits of medical marijuana, Dr. Sonn hopes that the law makers of Florida further support patient’s rights and allow further deregulation. BA Cannabidiol oil (pure CBD oil) is specifically manufactured to deliver the highest level of bioavailability.

Bioavailability is the amount of the active ingredient (cannabidiol) that the body is able to move into systemic circulation after absorption. More on that later, but being small has advantages. Our CBD oil is emulsified to a nanoparticle [l] size. These “mini-molecule collections” are more easily absorbed and utilized by the body. (See how “BA” came to stand for “Bad Ass”!) There are a lot of options for CBD Oil. But “Purity via Process” is more than a tagline for us. 100% Natural (Raw & Organic – Zero Hexane, GMO-free, no BPA, no preservatives or additives. None.) Whole leaf tincture and hemp seed oil (highest quality hemp extract) Uniquely emulsified to highly bioavailable nanoparticle size.

CBD oil has a long, deep, and broad history of delivering health benefits. Here is the short list of applications that mankind has used Cannabidiol Oils for: Pain Relief Anxiety Relief Depression ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) Parkinson’s IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Seizures MS Smoking Cessation. The BA CBD Oil Missions: Our primary mission is to manufacture the most effective CBD Oil products available. We pursue that mission by maintaining the highest level of quality: Purity via process. Nanoparticle sized cannabidiol is the output of those processes. Because our products are highly bioavailable, they are highly effective. We do that by sharing the most accurate, clear and concise content available about the unique history of cannabidiol, its effects on the body, and how it is being used by mankind millenniums to improve health. We pursue that mission by continuing to research, learn, and share. Register now to learn more about how mankind has used hemp over the ages, studies on efficacy, and how the CBD oil helps to manage your body’s systems. 100% Natural Zero Hexane, GMO free, no BPA, no preservatives or additives. An even more interesting question: Why does the human body have an endocannabinoid system (ECS)? CBD is one of over 80 different chemicals produced by endocannabinoid (ECS) system. The ECS actually produces cannabinoids called endocannabinoids. These chemicals help regulate functions like sleep, immune responses, and even pain. CBD Oil may even help with alertness and focus; it is a powerful antioxidant, has been shown to reduce inflammation, and many claim to have reduced anxiety, and enjoy better sleep, even calmer bowel functions when using CBD oil as a supplement. It is known to have anticonvulsant and antipsychotic properties and is also widely used to help control epileptic seizures. Did you know that cannabidiol oil has a unique chemical code that is linked to a system in our bodies that controls other bodily systems? Did you know that in spite of using cannabis and cannabidiols for medicinal purposes since the 4th century BC, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was not discovered until the 1980’s? Long story, as short as we can make it … About 5,800 years after man starts using the utilitarian cannabis sativa plant for medicinal purposes in ancient China, science discovers that the ECS functions like this control system for all kinds of other systems in our bodies. Oh, and the molecular structure of the cannabinoids in this plant, that was also arguably the first agricultural crop, mirrors the ones in our body’s ECS. Because the ECS is a system that controls other systems, the impacts of cannabidiol oil can be profound. Learn more via this link: What would you like to know? There are three ways to use CBD Oil in its liquid form, which is called “tincture”. Oral Absorption: The highest rate of absorption is achieved with just a few drops (3) under the tongue. Standard quantity is three (3) drops, but slightly more can have a calming effect and help with sleep, or combatting feelings of anxiety. Oral Consumption: Some CBD Oil users prefer the convenience of being able to use a capsule and ingest it. This is one of the easiest and most discreet ways to use CBD oil, but there are some drawbacks: Because ingested CBD oil has one of the lower rates of absorption, users may need to ingest higher doses. Capsules can sometimes be a bit big, and more difficult to swallow. Topical Absorption: Rubbing CBD Oil directly on your skin.

CBD Oil used topically can be applied directly to affected areas. CBD oil is becoming widely used in cosmetic and skin formulations when it is combined with other essential vitamins, nutrients, and proteins designed to keep skin soft and healthy. Inhalation: CBD Oil can also be used with vaporizers and inhaled. Vaporizing CBD Oils is a great option for those who have “Vape Pens”, and it still delivers one of the highest concentrations of oil.

The relaxation effect, due to the higher concentrations, can make this method a little intense for some. Different vaporizing apparatus can vary widely with regard to the temperatures they vaporize at, meaning that there can be significant variation in the level of CBD Oil released.


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