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What Is a Kief Box and Why You Must Have It

Chances are pretty good that if you are smoking marijuana that you have heard all about the kief box. You may even have gotten into heated debates about which is better, the kief box or the grinder.

If you want to experience a high like never before, it might be time for us to put the debate to rest and reveal why the kief box is the device of choice for those who are ready to take things to the next level.

Before we get into detail about why you should invest in a kief box, we need to dig deeper into what it is used for and how to use it.

What is a Kief Box?

The kief box is a marijuana storage device that serves double duty as a sifting system for gathering the most potent part of the marijuana buds.

Basically, it is a box with a cover, and inside the box are wooden trays that are fitted with screens that have extremely small openings.

Otherwise known as a pollen press, the tiny holes in the screens allow the tiny crystal part of the marijuana, the kief, the pass through all the way to the bottom of the box where it lands safely in a padded tray.

The trays are removable, for both cleaning and the gathering of the kief, and most have magnetic closures to keep the lid and tray tightly sealed.

But shaking the kief box, your weed is in a sense shifted until only the purest and most powerful part of the buds remain.

The multi-tray system sifts larger pieces to smaller pieces to the bottom until only a golden dust remains in the collection tray.

Kief Box vs. Grinder?

There is much debate going on in the weed forums about which is a better choice for getting the most of your stash, the kief box or the grinder.

It is important to understand that each device does do exactly what is intended to do.

With the grinder, everything you place in the device will be ground to the tiniest pieces so you can load your bowl or joint with some crushed herb and get smoking.

The grinder does not distinguish between the buds or the stems, everything is ground up evenly. The end result is although the stash is crushed, you are getting bits of everything in your blend.

With the kief box, only the purest part of the buds, the kief, fall through a set of screens to the tray below.

Not only is this a pure blend, it packs a tremendous punch because you are only smoking the glands.

Once you produce enough of the kief, storage is a breeze because you are keeping only a fraction of the buds, although the most powerful too.

How to Use the Kief Box

Using the kief box is simple, unlike the grinder where you are working the stash until it is in a powdery mix, with the box you give a shake and you’re done.

Place the weed in the top tier, close the lid, and shake the box.

Each time that you shake the box, the kief falls from the plant and through to the next screen. Each time you shake the box, the more kief collects in the bottom tray.

Once you notice the tray is not filling up any longer, bag the kief and drop it in the freezer for storage while you load up the box again.

Since the kief box produces a fine powder, in order to get the best results you must load the kief box with only dry herb.

If your herb is moist, it will clog the screens and you will have a difficult time producing enough of the golden powder to smoke.

When you load the box with dry herb, you extend the life of the screens too. If your weed it too moist, place it in a brown paper bag overnight and you will be ready to go tomorrow.

The paper sucks the moisture from the weed and gives you great starting material.

So now you know what the kief box is, why you should use it, and how it works. Open the lid and use the top compartment each day to break apart, clean, and sort out all your herb.

Each time you are working in the top compartment, those tiny powerful crystals are falling through the screens and collecting in the bottom compartment.

This potent pollen is produced more quickly than you might imagine, and you will certainly feel the mind-numbing effects when you take your first hit.

Working on the top tray means every piece of your indica or sativa herb is worked and the best of the best will eventually make its way to the bottom tray.

The gold produced in that bottom rolling tray will convince you that the kief box was possibly the single biggest investment you made in taking your smoking to the next level.

What Is a Kief Box and Why You Must Have It Chances are pretty good that if you are smoking marijuana that you have heard all about the kief box. You may even have gotten into heated debates

Weed box with screen

Want to make your own hash? You can! But to do that you do need pure THC/THC powder. You can organise this yourself by putting weed (buds or waste cuttings) through a pollen sifter or hash sifter. This wooden box from Black Leaf is what you need for that. Slide the upper wooden plate from the box and throw weed or waste cuttings onto the large screen. Close it tightly, shake for long enough and there you have it! All the THC powder falls onto a brown glass plate which you simply slide out of the box. Now scrape the pure THC off the glass so you can then go on to make hash from it. The advantage of a glass plate as opposed to a plastic medium is that no bits of plastic will get in when you scrape the THC. All you get is 100% pure THC!

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  • Wooden Box with Hash Sifter from Black Leaf
  • Retractable wooden and glass drawers (magnetic)
  • Format: 15 x 10 x 6.5 cm
  • Depth of storage compartment: 4 cm
  • Fine-mesh pollen screen (nylon)
  • THC captured on brown glass plate
  • Box made from beech hardwood
  • Some parts from pine wood

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