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Pre-Rolled Cones

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If you are confused about what pre-roll cone is perfect for you, there are four standard pre roll sizes and two main paper types for pre-rolled cones. The four standard cone sizes across all pre-rolled cone manufacturers is the one-gram pre-rolled cone , 3/4 gram sized cone , the 98mm half gram (slim/reefer) sized pre rolled cone , and the standard 84mm half gram cone . The difference between the two different half-gram sized pre-rolled cones is the final length of your half gram pre roll. The 84mm is a thicker and shorter pre-roll, where as the 98mm slim is going to be a taller and skinner pre-roll. Both half gram cones burn great, it’s just a matter of what will fit in your pre roll packaging and pre-roll filling machine.

Pre-rolled cones are made from two main paper types – flax paper or hemp paper. Pre-rolled cones are often described as brown paper or white paper. If a pre-rolled cone manufacturer describes their paper as “white paper” or “brown paper,” they are most likely using refined or unrefined flax paper. Flax paper is the most popular and common type of rolling paper. Our refined flax paper pre-rolled cones are white in color and the unrefined flax pre-rolled cones are brown in color. Besides flax based pre-rolled cones, we also offer hemp rolling paper cones, which is more of a tan color. We also offer pre rolled blunt cones , which are made from hemp wrap. Hemp wrap is thicker and creates a fuller flavored smoke compared to rolling paper.

If you are looking for a special size or custom pre roll cones , just contact us! We can make any sized pre-rolled cone to fit any sized pre-roll package or amount of flower you want to offer your customers. Want a longer filter or crutch? No problem! We are your pre-roll experts at Custom Cones USA.

Buy pre-rolled cones from Custom Cones USA. We specialize in pre-rolled cones, pre-roll machines, and pre-roll packaging. A one stop solution for all your pre-roll needs.