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Sativa Pre-Rolled Joints

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Flavours: Fruity

Medical Use: Stress, Lack of Appetite, Insomnia, Depression, Inflammation

Effects: Nice Head High

Strain: Mixture of all Sativa Strains

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Sativa Pre-Rolled Joints,

The easiest way to tell indica vs sativa is to look at the leaves. A true sativa is a tall, scraggly looking plant with wiry stocks and thin leaves. In contrast, indica plants are short and bushy. Indica leaves are usually broad and full.

Sativas are native to the warm climates of Mexico, Central America, and Southeast Asia. The natural equatorial habitat of sativas means that these plants love the heat and the outdoors. While they normally grow between 8 and 12 feet high, a healthy sativa plant can reach up to 18 feet tall in optimum conditions.

A good sativa should be about as stimulating as a strong cup of coffee. Typically used during the daytime, sativa will energize you with their strong cerebral effects. Many marijuana lovers choose sativa when they’re looking for an uplifting and creative buzz.

Sativas tend to have a lighter, fruity aroma.

Smoking Weed

Once upon a time, cannabis consumption was considered a taboo act, and unacceptable in society. These days, the appeal of marijuana is stronger than ever, and the act of smoking marijuana itself is a very common occurrence – even Barack Obama once admitted to trying the ganja saying “I didn’t inhale it, and never tried it again.” Studies done on cannabis usage in America have shown that 64% of Americans are in support of the legalization of marijuana nationwide. Lucky for us Canadians, the Cannabis culture is widely accepted and even openly celebrated. Our relaxed attitude and values towards weed has embedded cannabis as a norm in Canadian society.

Indica vs Sativa

With thousands of years of history and such a wide abundance of strains available, it is important to know the differences between indica, sativa and even hybrid strains to find out what is most suitable for your own personal needs. Simply put, indica strains and sativa strains differ in their physiological effects and their appearance. Hybrid strains are the result of cross-breeding both an indica strain and a sativa strain together to create a new strain in itself. Because each cannabis strain is so complex and different from one another, it is hard to classify the three phenotypes or variants by their effects alone.

Indica Strains

Indica strains originated from the mountain ranges of Asia and as a result, developed many features to protect itself from the harsh environments. Indica plants are known for being shorter, and bushier, with thicker layers of resinous THC. The high of indica strains are defined by the “couch-lock” effect they have on users. Indica strains serve well as relaxation strains, or to aid with pain and sleeping ailments. The calming, sedating effects of indica strains make it excellent for night-time usage or off-work hours.

Hybrid Strains

In such a growing and experimental industry, science has made it possible for the creation of new strains to meet the unique demand of consumers. Hybrid strains are created when geneticists or growers cross-breed pure indica strains, sativa strains or other hybrid strains together to create a new plant, and they can lean towards either being indica dominant, sativa dominant or an equal 50/50 balance of its parentage. What is different about hybrid plants compared to indicas or sativas is that the range of effects are endless. Hybrid strains are very complex and can be bred to contain both sativa and indica characteristics, making them great for those looking for the best of both worlds, in a sense.

Sativa Strains

Sativa cannabis strains are often described as having a creative, invigorating and euphoric high. Generally called the mind or head high that brings the imagination within the brain. The uplifting, Sativa high is more cerebral than the Indica high, which is felt in the entire body. It’s a perfect stimulant for “wake and bake” as it provides a very energetic high with more hallucinogenic effects compared to its counterpart (Indica) that induces a very relaxing feeling. Sativas are generally compared to caffeine as it increases alertness and gives a sudden burst of energy making it better suited for daytime use. Sativa weed has a heavy amount of THC compared to Indicas; generally having a higher CBD content. These marijuana strains help with focus and have been found to enhance lighting and sounds, making visible surroundings more vibrant. This specific cannabis is apart of the Cannabaceae family. Sativas are recommended for early morning consumption or afternoon consumption.

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Bulk Premium 1G Shake Pre-Rolls

Our premium shake pre-rolls is a combination of many strains therefore making it a Hybrid (50% Sativa / 50% Indica). It provides a mix of physical relaxation and cerebral mood boost. Buy them in 25 packs, 50 packs, or 100 packs.

🍋🥧💧 Lemon Meringue (Dipped in Sauce + Rolled in Kief) Pre-Rolls

The THC content inside of this combination packs a big sucker punch ranging from 30-60%. The concentrate adds pleasant kicks and punches to your body on a cellular level.

🍋🥧 Lemon Meringue Pre-Rolls

Lemon Meringue is a Sativa dominant strain (75% Sativa / 25% Indica), with a generous THC of 21%.

Blackberry Kush Pre-Rolls

Blackberry Kush, an Indica dominant strain (90% Indica / 10% Sativa) containing over (20% THC and 2% CBN), the buds that grow off of these nugs are dark velvety purple. The genes are a surprise.

👸 Cinderella Pre-Rolls

Cinderella 99 is a Sativa strain that contains a dominant mix of (85% Sativa / 15% Indica) with a THC range from 20-22%. This was among the ‘Top 10 Strains of 2009’ list in the High Times.

Amnesia (Dipped in Sauce + Rolled in Kief) Pre-Rolls

The THC content inside of this combination packs a big sucker punch ranging from 30-60%. The concentrate adds pleasant kicks and punches to your body on a cellular level.

👸💧 Cinderella 99 (Dipped in Sauce + Rolled in Kief) Pre-Rolls

The THC content inside of this combination packs a big sucker punch ranging from 30-60%. The concentrate adds pleasant kicks and punches to your body on a cellular level.

Bubble Gum Pre-Rolls

Bubble Gum is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% Sativa / 40% Indica). It provides a mix of physical relaxation and cerebral mood boost.

🥭 Mango Haze Pre-Rolls

Mango Haze is an equal hybrid strain (50% Indica / 50% Sativa) with 20% THC level will keep you high for days. If you are looking for a creative pick-me-up, this strain will fill your cup.

Amnesia Pre-Rolls

Amnesia is a Sativa dominant strain (75% Sativa / 25% Indica), with THC of 18%, this strain won the Cannabis Cup in 2014. It has an uplifting buzz that instantly brightens up your mood and day.

🎸🌟 Rockstar Pre-Rolls

Rockstar is an Indica dominant strain (75% Indica / 25% Sativa) with a moderate THC level range of 20-22%. This rocking strain is made from a mix of Rock Bud and Sensi Star.

Key Lime Pie Pre-Rolls

Key Lime Pie is an even equal hybrid strain (50% Indica / 50% Sativa) and is a phenotype of the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies strain.

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