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Best Hydroponic Nutrients for Weed in 2020

We reviewed hundreds of nutrients available on the market today as of July 2020 and created a simple list to help you pick the best nutrients for your grow.

When it comes to a hydroponic or soil grow, these nutrients are the best in market when it comes to growing your cannabis or weed grow with the most trusted, reliable, and affordable nutrient brands in the market. We also compiled a list of frequently asked questions for cannabis growers to understand the what to look for with nutrients and how the process actually works.

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Best Cannabis Nutrients For Growing Weed

  • 1 Best Nutrients for Weed: Quick Product Comparison Chart
  • 2 Things To Consider Before Buying
  • 3 Reviews of the Best Hydroponic Nutrients for Growing Weed 2020
    • 3.1 General Hydroponics Flora Grow
    • 3.2 Runner Up: Advanced Nutrients Bloom/a>
    • 3.3 Fox Farm – Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom
    • 3.4 Humboldt’s Secret Base A & B
    • 3.5 Dyna-Gro DYFLO008 Foliage Pro
    • 3.6 Orga Grow Holland
    • 3.7 CANNA Coco A&B
    • 3.8 House & Garden Aqua Flakes A&B
    • 3.9 Botanicare Liquid Karma
    • 3.10 General Hydroponics GH Gardening Flora
  • 4 Frequently Asked Questions
    • 4.1 What Should I Know About Nutrients?
    • 4.2 What Do Cannabis Plants Need To Grow And Thrive?
    • 4.3 What About Micronutrients
    • 4.4 Growing Cannabis Plants Using Hydroponics
    • 4.5 Growing Cannabis Plants In Soil
    • 4.6 Nutrients For Each Stage Of Growth
    • 4.7 Guarding Against Feeding Problems
    • 4.8 Getting The pH Balance Right
    • 4.9 Growing Healthy Plants

Best Hydroponic Nutrients For Weed 2020: Product Comparison Chart

Things to consider before buying

There are a couple of things you absolutely need to consider before choosing the best nutrients for growing weed:

1) Nutrients: It’s imperative when researching nutrients and buying products that you ensure you look at the labels. Almost all nutrients in the market should have a label and should indicate the three core nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK). For example if a bottle indicates the following numbers: 3-1-3, this shows the different levels (Nitrogen, 3), (Phosphorus, 1), and (Potassium, 3). To be “complete”, a hydroponic nutrient needs to go beyond NPKs and have all of the essential elements for plant growth:

  • – Nitrogen (N)
  • – Potassium (K)
  • – Phosphorus (P)
  • – Magnesium (Mg)
  • – Iron (Fe)
  • – Calcium (Ca)
  • – Sulphur (S)
  • – Zinc (Zn)
  • – Chlorine (Cl)
  • – Boron (B)
  • – Manganese (Mn)
  • – Copper (Cu)
  • – Molybdate (Mo)

2) NPK Ratios:

When thinking about starting your grow, you’ll want to understand the amount of nutrients you’ll need to shower your plants with. You’ll find differing opinions everywhere you research, but from our experience as well as the guidance from very well respected growers, the table below is a good illustration of the amount of nutrients you should provide your plants throughout each stage.

Vegetative Stage Flowering Stage
High Nitrogen Low Nitrogen
Medium Phosphorus Medium to High Phosphorus
High Potassium High Potassium

Remember to keep your nutrient ratio balanced – it’s important to understand where phosphorus or potassium is needed for healthy growth, otherwise, you risk your plants dying unexpectedly.

3) Hydroponic or Soil: You’ll want to understand the use cases for nutrients when it comes to hydroponic or soil grows. Hydroponics setups without soil is used by large-scale growers that are primarily indoors. Many of the cannabis/weed related nutrients are sold for hydroponic set ups. One important point to note is that if you are using organic nutrients, it is not recommended to use organic nutrients with hydroponic setups – it can ruin your water/grow with bacteria. All of the liquid nutrients below can be used for hydroponic growing and soil grows. Again – it is perfectly fine to use these hydroponic nutrients in soil and vice versa, these are all perfect for all types of grow when it comes to your cannabis.

Reviews of the Best Hydroponic Nutrients for Weed in 2020

Editor’s Choice: General Hydroponics Flora Grow

Average Amazon Review: 4.6 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 903 +

Runner Up: Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow

Average Amazon Review: 4.5 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 260+

Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrients

Foxfarm offers many different types of soil mixes including a soil conditioner if you are in need. This product is complete with micro-nutrient and macro-nutrient formulations and have a nice blend of natural fertilizers. This product is easily mixed with water for easy growing.

At Productiongrower, we love this product because it’s the perfect one for intro hydro gardeners as well as more experienced ones. It is a convenient 3-pack of the top liquid fertilizer products for hydroponics. It’s easy to use since you use them in sequence all season long. You should start with the Grow Big for abundant green growth and then switch over to the Tiger Bloom when you start to see your first buds grow. Lastly, use the Big Bloom throughout each growing cycle to heal and nourish the root systems.

Average Amazon Review: 4.5 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 726+

Humboldt’s Secret Base – Most Reliable

Average Amazon Review: 4 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 36+

Dyna-Gro DYFLO008 – Low Budget Choice

Average Amazon Review: Not Reviewed Yet

# of Amazon Reviews: Not Reviewed Yet

Orga Grow Holland

Average Amazon Review: 4 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 10+


Average Amazon Review: 4 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 52+

House & Garden Aqua Flakes

Average Amazon Review: 4.6 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 7+

Botanicare Liquid Karma – Best Longevity

Average Amazon Review: 4.4 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 110+

General Hydroponics Flora Nectar Sugar Cane

Average Amazon Review: 4.6 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 121+

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Know About Nutrients?

If you’re growing cannabis for the first time, selecting the right nutrients for your plants can be a challenge. There are lots of options on the market, so how do you make the right decision?

The key to choosing nutrients lies in understanding precisely what cannabis plants requirement and in being aware of how they absorb nutrients and utilize them. When you have this knowledge at your fingertips, you can make a confident decision about which products to buy without wasting your money.

What Do Cannabis Plants Need To Grow And Thrive?

Cannabis plants require a number of collective elements known as “macronutrients”. These include a number of mineral and non-mineral elements. Some come from the water, some from the air and some from the soil in which the plants are grown.

These nutrients come from the soil:

  • – Phosphorus
  • – Nitrogen
  • – Calcium
  • – Potassium
  • – Sulfur
  • – Magnesium

These nutrients come from the water and air:

  • – Oxygen
  • – Hydrogen
  • – Carbon

When you buy fertilizers or nutrient solutions, you’ll see 3 numbers on the packaging. This will show the composition of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen inside the product. The nitrogen content will be listed first, followed by the phosphorus content and finally the potassium content.

What About Micronutrients?

Cannabis plants also require micronutrients. These are required in much smaller amounts. These minerals include:

  • – Zinc
  • – Manganese
  • – Iron
  • – Molybdenum
  • – Cobalt
  • – Chlorine
  • – Boron
  • – Silicon
  • – Copper

Although cannabis plants don’t need a lot of any of these elements, they’re still essential to the plant’s growth and overall health.

Growing Cannabis Plants Using Hydroponics

If you’re going to use hydroponics to grow cannabis, you’ll need specific nutrients for your plants. You won’t be using soil, therefore, you’ll be using a substrate such as coco coir or rockwool. Be aware that lots of cannabis potting soils are soilless blends and therefore, you could be growing your plants hydroponically even when you’re using potting soil.

It’s because of this that most nutrients which are sold for growing cannabis plants are those for hydroponic growing techniques. These are made from concentrated mineral salt. Sometimes they come in powder form but usually, they are liquids.

There are two types of nutrient solution available for hydroponic growing – Bloom solutions which have a high phosphorus level to aid flower development, and Grow solutions which have a high nitrogen level to support vegetative growth.

When you apply hydroponic nutrients, you need to take a lot of care. This is because giving too much to your plants can damage them, or even kill them. Start at around 25% of the recommended level then work up gradually to the full strength.

Growing Cannabis Plants In Soil

When you grow cannabis plants in regular soil, you will need specific nutrients. Soil is different from hydroponic soilless blends because it contains organic non-inert matter such as manure, worm castings, compost and humus. These contain a lot of micronutrients and macronutrients. Lots of these substances’ nutrient value is insoluble, however, and therefore have to be processed by fungi and microbes living in the soil in order to be useful to the cannabis plant. It is less common to see non-organic nutrients for growing cannabis plants in soil since they build up rapidly in soil, causing damage to the soil-life and preventing nutrients and water from being taken into the roots. On the other hand, organic nutrients and fertilizers for cannabis plants are more commonly seen. These contain fewer nutrients which are immediately soluble together with elements which have benefits for organisms naturally in the soil. Therefore, if you’re going to grow your plants in soil, using organic nutrients and fertilizers is always advised.

There are a number of affordable organic fertilizers which you can use. These include fish and blood meal which offers plenty of nitrogen, bat guano and bone meal which supplies phosphorus, kelp meal and wood ash to supply potassium, Epsom salts which supply sulfur and magnesium, and dolomite lime which supplies magnesium and calcium. You can buy the majority of these in a garden center. All you need to do is mix them into your soil before you pot your plants. When you do this properly, watering will be all that’s required, along with adding carbohydrates occasionally. Some soil blends can also be bought which contain the ideal mix of those ingredients for greater convenience.

Nutrients For Each Stage Of Growth

Every stage of the life of your cannabis plants requires nutrients which are slightly different.

During its seedling stage, your plant probably won’t need any extra nutrients if you’re growing in soil as long as that soil is rich. If you’re growing using an artificial medium, you might want to use seedling nutrition and root boosters.

In the vegetative phase, your plants will require high levels of potassium and nitrogen as well as a moderate amount of phosphorus.

When your plants reach their flowering stage, you’ll need to reduce the nitrogen levels drastically, but increase the amount of phosphorus and maintain the potassium level. When you choose a Bloom fertilizer, the nutrients will be perfectly balanced for this stage of growth.

Guarding Against Feeding Problems

When you’re growing cannabis, caution is always recommended. If you use too many nutrients, you could damage your plants. Only add nutrients to the water every alternate watering and half the doses if you’re in any doubt.

If you notice any changes in your plant’s color or appearance, your plant is experiencing a feeding problem. Nutrient imbalances are signaled by yellowing and drooping leaves, leaves with irregular dimensions or shapes, burnt edges and brown spots.

If you adjust the nutrient balance and still experience a problem try flushing pure water through the soil for several days before starting again with a half dose of nutrient mix.

Getting The pH Balance Right

If the pH level is wrong, the plants can’t get the nutrients they need to grow and thrive, even if you add the right mix of nutrients to your water. Therefore, monitoring your pH levels is vital.

Growing Healthy Plants

When you’re growing cannabis plants for the first time, erring on the side of caution is always important. However, follow this advice and you should find that, as long as you use the right nutrients for the medium you are using, your plants meet all your expectations.

Updated: July 16, 2020 Written by Max Anderson

We reviewed hundreds of nutrients available on the market today as of July 2020 and created a simple list to help you pick the best nutrients for your grow. When it comes to a hydroponic or soil grow, these nutrients are the best in market when it comes to growing your cannabis or weed grow with the most trusted, reliable, and affordable nutrient brands in the market.

Cannabis Cultivation | Nutrients, Accessories & Fertilizer

This cannabis nutrients are suitable for growing cannabis. Nutrition that helps you go through the entire process of growing cannabis. By using liquid fertilizer such as that from Plagron or BAC, you keep the plants healthy and optimize the harvest. You can use all of these products when growing cannabis indoors, but they are also suitable for outdoor growing. You can grow cannabis professionally with the right nutrition for your cannabis plant.

Microscope LED (Trichoscope)

Starter Set 100% Terra (Plagron)

Green Sensation Flowering Booster (Plagron)

Cannabis Fertilizer | Organic Grow (BAC) 1 liter

Cannabis Fertilizer | Organic Bloom (BAC) 1 liter

Cannabis Microscope LED (Black Leaf) 60x

Hydro A&B (Plagron) 2 x 1 liter

Organic Bloom Stimulator (BAC) 120 ml

Bio Tablets Soil Improver (BAC) 12 pieces

Organic PK Booster (BAC) 500 ml

Funky Fungi Soil Improver Organic (BAC) 50 grams

Organic Root Stimulator (BAC) 120 ml

Are you growing cannabis in your own garden, greenhouse or growing area? You can find everything you need for that here. It’s easier to cultivate a healthy weed plant with cannabis nutrients and growing accessories from the best brands. Check out all the options and grow like a pro!

Growing cannabis

There’s more to growing cannabis than just the power of Mother Nature. Plant food is essential to the cultivation of any weed plant. Whether you cultivate them indoors or outdoors, cannabis feeding is a must for any kind of growing. Dutch Headshop will help you give each plant the care it deserves.

Cultivating Weed in Different Locations

We have items for growing weed, like plant fertilizer, that you can use in all locations. Growing in a greenhouse or growing cabinet? Are you cultivating in a growing area or are you going for outdoor weed in your own sunny garden? Or are you cultivating autoflowers in the cupboard under the stairs? It’s all the same to us. It’s your choice! What we want you to know is that you can use our (soluble) plant fertilizer in any location. Whether you’re growing weed outdoors or indoors. You can buy and use everything in this category.

Cultivating Autoflowers

The cultivation of autoflowers is becoming more and more popular. Although seasoned weed growers dismissed them initially, they are now acquiring an increasingly positive image. It’s easier for beginners to cultivate autoflowers. This is because you don’t have to worry about lighting schedules as an autoflower weed plant flowers automatically. In addition, you often hear novice growers asking, ‘how long does it take to cultivate weed’. In this sense too, it’s advantageous to cultivate autoflowers. With an autoflower, it’s faster than with traditional, feminised weed seeds.

Is it Difficult to Cultivate Weed?

There’s only one answer to the question ‘is it difficult to cultivate weed’: you can make it as difficult as you want. It can be really easy with an autoflower grown outside in the sun with the minimum of fuss. But you can also cultivate weed in an advanced way (in so far as it’s still legal). There are then growing techniques and many cultivation accessories that you can deploy. So, is cultivating weed difficult? That’s entirely up to you.

Why are Cannabis Nutrients Needed?

Cannabis nutrients are important to stimulate a number of phases in the growing process. In chronological order, the various phases you need to recognise if you cultivate weed plants are: germination, seedlings, growing, flowering and harvesting. Routine weed feeding is particularly helpful during the growing and flowering phases. Our range, featuring brands like Plagron and Green Sensation, is crammed with plant fertilizers which will help you to stimulate these processes. A good growing process based on our weed fertilizers will produce the following results:

  • Maintenance of plant health
  • Increase in plant yield
  • Addition of nutrients to the plant
  • Increase in plant resistance

Germinating Weed Seeds

The cultivation of a weed plant starts with germinating the weed seeds. It’s really not difficult. Especially not when cultivating autoflowers. You just need to know the right way to go about it. You can consult our blog about that. It contains all the information you need.

In addition to all the information about germinating weed seeds, we also have all kinds of tools for this task. Like special plant fertilizer for the early stages of weed growing. Take, for example, Seedbooster from Plagron or X-Seed from BAC. You can find a summary of all products for germinating weed seeds in the separate category (see menu).

Growth Cannabis Fertilizer

After you’ve germinated the weed seeds and the seedling has grown into a young plant, it’s time for the so-called vegetative phase (growth phase). Weed growth fertilizer is made specially for this. Take, for example, the Bio Weed Growth fertilizer from BAC or Terra Grow from Plagron. This growth fertilizer for weed provides your young plant with everything it needs. Boost with root stimulator which also serves as additional growth fertilizer for weed.

Cannabis Bloom Fertilizer

Growth is succeeded by flowering. We also have all kinds of smart products in stock for this phase of weed plant cultivation. Examples of plant fertilizers for use only during flowering are Terra Bloom (Plagron) or the Bio Weed Growth fertilizer from BAC. These soluble plant fertilizers ensure that your weed plant has everything it needs to product large, tasty and potent buds. Weed bloom fertilizer is really not expensive and extremely easy to use. Indispensable for good cultivation. Do you want to dot the i’s? Boost your bloom fertilizer with Plagron Green Sensation. The perfect flower stimulator.

Check out our menu for separate pages full of tools for germinating weed seeds and for feeding weed during the growing and flowering phases. Saves you having to look any further!

Cannabis Fertilizer

Let’s be clear: the key fertilizers for your weed plant are those mentioned above. Basically, those are the growth and bloom fertilizers for weed.But, you will find the main products you need during specific phases of the growing process in our weed feeding range.The most important fertilizer for your weed plant:

  • Root stimulants Such as Plagron Power Roots to ensure faster and better root development. These automatically ensure increased oxygen take-up and faster ion transport.
  • Growth stimulants such as Plagron Vita Race or Pure Enzym to ensure healthy leaf growth and root formation during the growing phase. These products get the maximum out of the plant so that it grows in an optimal way.
  • Flowering stimulants such as Plagron Green Sensation, PK 13-14 or Sugar Royalto ensure the right nutrients are present during the flowering phase of cultivation. These plant foods help maintain natural balance in the soil and contribute to exuberant flowering of the plant.Plagron Green Sensation is renowned for its performance in the flowering phase of the weed plant. Highly recommended.
  • Grow Boxes such as the Plagron Top Grow Box or BAC Starter Kitsare value packs which contain everything you need for the cultivation of weed plants. All necessary nutrients are included. A good combination of liquid fertilizers and all kinds of other additives.

You can use all these products for indoor or outdoor cannabis cultivation.

Unusual circumstancesduring Weed Cultivation

The above products are actually only relevant when the growing process proceeds perfectly. Unfortunately the growing process depends on a multitude of factors and is therefore prone to issues. As well as all the routine weed feeds, Dutch Headshop also has special plant food for each problem during cultivation. Do you have a problem with too high a pH value, fungus or bacteria? We have the answer!

Is Cultivating Weed Legal?

A lot of people think that it’s legal to cultivate weed. The question as to how much weed you’re allowed to have is usually answered with 5 plants, but that’s not entirely correct. According to the law, you are prohibited from making your own weed plantation. The supposition that you’re allowed to cultivate 5 weed plants is unfounded. It’s merely tolerated as long as no one complains and your cultivation happens in a place where you are allowed. You are also not permitted to use any professional equipment such as grow lamps or a grow tent. So: is cultivating weed legal? No! Check out this first before you buy all kinds of stuff like plant fertilizer for cultivating weed. Having invested time and money in the plants, you don’t want to get to the flowering phase only to have your beloved plants taken away by the police.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Cannabis

‘How long does it take to cultivate weed?’ This is a question that we are often asked. It can take a very long time to cultivate a weed plant but it doesn’t have to. Using traditional, feminised seeds, it may take around 25 weeks to get there. Although there are varieties that are ready for harvesting within 18 weeks. In any case, you have to look after ‘normal’ feminised weed seeds that bit longer.

When you consider autoflowers, the answer to the question ‘How long does it take to cultivate weed’ is a bit easier. It usually takes less time to cultivate autoflowers and the flowering period is usually fixed. An autoflower can be cultivated within 9 to 14 weeks. It just depends on which weed seeds you choose.

In need of help? Check out our blog!

A novice grower? Are all these concepts a bit vague for you and leave you in need of some help? We’d like to refer you to our blog! There you will find pages full of information for all aspects of weed plant cultivation, both indoor and outdoor. Still not sure? Our customer service is her every day for you. Just give us a call or send a message in the chat window!

Plagron fertilizer

Dutch-Headshop has as much as twenty Plagron products in its product range. Plagron is therefore our home supplier in plant nutrition. The company started 25 years ago as a small worm nursery and today it has grown into a producer that supplies substrates and fertilizers all over the world. Plagron has been one of the market leaders for more than 25 years. The company has fertilizer for every kind of grower and guarantees optimal growth performance.The highly popular Plagron Green Sensation and Terra Bloom are very popular products among growers. Stock up on these for optimum performance.

BAC fertilizer

BAC is a renowned brand when it comes to organic plant feed. BAC weed feed has been a feature of growing rooms and gardens for both experienced growers and hobbyists for over 15 years. This brand produces an extensive range of plant feeds, stimulators, plant boosters and substrates. BAC feed can be applied to all possible substrates: hydro-cultivation, ordinary soil or growing on coconut? All these can be used with organic plant food from BAC. Virtually all products are 100% natural and thoroughly tested. BAC has won multiple awards for its products thanks to numerous certifications from universities, quality marks and scientists. Do you want only the best for your plant? In that case, opt for BAC organic plant feed.

Dutch-Headshop has it all to get everything out of your cannabis plant. Do not wait any longer, and quickly increase the harvest from your cannabis plant.

Growing Cannabis? Find the cannabis nutrients you need. High-quality cannabis fertilizers like Plagron, suitable for growing cannabis indoors and outdoors. ]]>