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Cannabis Powder: What It Means For The Future Of Edibles

Cannabis edibles have just gotten super serious. Cannabis powder is a development you do not want to miss; it definitely came to change the industry for the better.

Ever since humans discovered cannabis, infused drinks and eats have been abundant. In a 2014 sample from Los Angeles dispensaries, up to 26% of medical cannabis consumers resorted to edible products instead of smokables. This is a method that is gaining traction, especially among medicinal consumers. As such, edibles have become a major part of the legal cannabis industry. But there are still problems that need to be addressed for this consumption method to be the best (and most ethical) it can be.


Up until recently, edibles have been made using oil-based tinctures, extracts, or classic cannabutter. Oil is not soluble in water and therefore is very hard to mix. The process is very time consuming and quite unreliable. Oil-based tinctures are often quite inconsistent, both in physical consistency and cannabinoid concentration.

When companies manufacture edibles, they do so in huge batches. What this means is that an infused chocolate bar is not made individually. Companies infuse litres of liquid chocolate with cannabis, and then cool this mixture down into hundreds, if not thousands, of different chocolate bars. Using current methods, these edibles will sustain a huge margin of error when it comes to cannabinoid dosage.

There is no way of knowing if you’re really taking in the milligrams you think you are. And more importantly, not even one chocolate bar will be dosed evenly. If you eat one chocolate square, it does not mean you’ll be consuming the same fraction of the desired cannabinoid.

Recent research tested over 70 products from almost 50 different brands and the results are worrying. The researchers found that only 17% of products were accurately labelled. This is extremely low for something that’s used as a medicine by a lot of people. Out of the inaccurate 83%, 60% of products were reported as having lower cannabinoid percentages than the packaging claimed. This is extremely unethical and very worrying for the credibility of the industry. Hopefully, recent developments have come to change that.


We’ve started to see powdered cannabis cropping up in dispensaries along America’s West Coast. Companies like Oleo, Made By Science, and THC Design have released products that may just revolutionise the way we consume cannabis.

Although cannabis powder is nothing new, this form certainly is. This isn’t simply cannabis flower ground up to an extremely fine texture; this is cannabinoid oil that is encapsulated in starch or another carbohydrate. This makes it so that cannabinoid droplets behave like sugar and not oil. Sugar is very easily dissolvable in water. The resulting mixture will then have a homogeneous cannabinoid distribution.

Part of what makes conventional edibles a bit of an overdosing trap is the fact that it takes up to two hours to hit. Because of this, a lot of consumers lose hope that they’ve taken enough and end up ingesting more than they should. Too much cannabis catalyses uncomfortable experiences that, although not deadly, can be very scary for the inexperienced consumer. With this powdered solution, it will only take between 15-20 minutes for the effects to be noticeable. This gives the consumer a rapid solution to a problem. Being a medical patient and having to wait two hours for your medicine to have an effect can be very irritating. That’s why a lot of medical users still resort to joints and bowls.


Powdered cannabis is still in its infancy. A lot of research and innovation is needed to ensure the even cannabinoid distribution and purity of edibles. However, this form of cannabis makes it much easier to make edibles industrially and at home. This is the type of product that will most likely be sold on a large scale to edible manufacturers. But individuals are sure to take advantage of this as well.

If you’re a person who loves weed, but hates smoking it, your world is about to change. All you need to do is help share the news and make powdered cannabis as widely understood as possible. The world is changing for the better, and stoners are partly responsible for that!

This new form of consuming cannabinoids has come to change the game. If you're a consumer that does not enjoy smoking, cannabis powder may be your solution!

Mondo Cannabis Powder Is Weed Made for Taking at Work

I was introduced to cannabis by a friend with a joint. Although that is still the way most people first experience the plant, we’re currently living in what I like to call the Cannabis Renaissance. Folks are creating all kinds of products that dial in to exactly what various consumers want, putting it in everything from gummies to dissolvable mint strips to cooking oils. Personally, I still enjoy rolled cannabis but love exploring all the new edible options too. Which brings me to my new obsession, Mondo cannabis powder.

Mondo is marketed as an anti-anxiety supplement that you can take during work hours. Its website promises “anxiety relief without intoxication,” and the small, attractive glass jar is shown resting on a laptop. The powder contains coconut oil, cacao butter, and three parts of the cannabis plant: THC (the compound in cannabis that has psychoactive properties and is still illegal in many states) as well as CBD and CBN (compounds that don’t have psychoactive properties but are used to treat pain and stress). The folks at Mondo start by extracting the cannabis compounds by simmering the cannabis in coconut oil, which gives the product a warm, pleasant aroma and taste. How they make it into a dissolvable powder is a trade secret.

What I’m really obsessed with is how versatile of a product it is. I’ve tried plenty of cannabis edibles in my time, but I rarely cook with it myself. Because THC needs a fat source to be absorbed when eaten, you have to infuse the plant in butter or oil, which takes more time and energy than I’m willing to spend. Mondo does the work of infusing for you, so it’s ready to mix into anything you can imagine. I can swirl it into salad dressings or into a smoothie without getting that gritty supplement taste or mouthfeel. It can dissolve right into a cup of coffee or tea, and it certainly wouldn’t be bad sprinkled on your morning yogurt with fruit, if you’re into that in the a.m. There are no added sugars, and the jar comes with a 5-milligram dose scoop to allow you to know how much you’re consuming.

Everyone responds differently to cannabis products, but, for me, one serving of Mondo is nothing like a typical high. It’s great for creative energy: bright and peppy, with none of the dullness or crash that come with some strains of THC. Cannabis products have come a long way since my friend passed me my first joint many moons ago, and I’m glad. It’s been great for me to not have to smoke every time I’ve wanted the benefits of weed. As the industry continues to grow, I’m happy to see that companies like Mondo are giving consumers the ability to micro-dose cannabis in safe, fun—and I’d even say healthy—ways.

This anti-anxiety powdered cannabis supplement is versatile, sensible, and it plays well with foods.