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With a powerful free website builder and professional website templates, Webs can help you easily create the website you’ve always wanted to promote your small business, sell something online, or simply showcase your creativity. Get helpful tips for small business websites and more in our resource center. Instructions: Heat your concentrate until it flows freely (approx. 80C), pour terpene slowly while mixing solution ( see Mixing Terpenes Calculator for amounts. Cap shortly after in order to avoid unnecessary evaporation. We recommend mixing 5-15% terpenes in your concentrate, of course adjust to your taste.

Example Calculation: for 10% terpene in oil Grams of Concentrate X 0.10 = Grams of Terpene. 1000g oil X 0.15 = 150g Terpenes 15% Concentration 1000g oil X 0.10 = 100g Terpenes 10% Concentration 1000g oil X 0.07 = 70g Terpenes 7% Concentration. ALWAYS test a small amount before mixing full batches, check for viscosity and flow when solution is cool and wait 24 hours. Both concentrates and terpenes are natural products and therefore subject to variation. We specifically formulate and test our products to give you a crystal clear product, but due to natural variation we cannot make any guarantees. We strive to bring you the greatest product and want to be open and upfront to make sure you have a satisfying and profitable experience. Gold coast terpenes are a concentrated product and are meant to be consumed Diluted. Learn more about terpenes on our Terpenes 101 section. DId you know terpenes can be added to all sorts of things (not just for cannabis) to enhance the profile, change it almost completely. We use it in: Bud (flower) Distillate Shatter Oils Drinks Vape juice and more. Not all terpenes are created equal which is one of the reasons we have tight quality control and rigorous testing. If you are new to terpenes, new to cannabis or just curious we want you to feel comfortable with what you are doing. Terpenes are HIGHLY concentrated plant compounds (think essential oils, but way more potent!) so a little goes a LONG way. a LITTLE is all you need, add to much and it will ruin the whole experience (and your beverage or your bud) Adding terpenes to your dried bud can be great for enhancing what it is already doing, or if it's dried out cause it sat in the cupboard too long, or is too skunky and stale. Have a "strain" that lacks flavour or aroma, add some terps! It's a super simple process, add about .2mm to your pipe bowl (just lightly coat the bowl) or 1-2 drops per gram of cannabis. You can also add a small amount to your grinder, grind the bud and them smoke/vape). You can also lightly oil your grinder then grind the flower. Just add 1-5% of the total weight (we suggest starting around 2% and see how you do) When using concentrates we grab one that is supposed to taste just like the strain or profile it was named after, unfortunately many are disappointed by the lack of aroma or taste, this is because during the refining process a lot of the terpes are stripped. This is where terpene isolates or profiles come in handy. You can match the terpene profile to the strain (like Jack Herer or Granddaddy Purple) you add back in what was stripped including the aroma and taste (oh and boost the medicinal benefits to!) Adding to your oil ? I like to stick to the 2% rule when adding to my oils. If oral you just calculate the amount by percentage (or .2 mm per gram of concentrate oil). For example if you have a 60 ml bottle of CBD or a 1:1 CBD: THC tincture (full spectrum for best effect always peeps) and you want to promote specific actions like sleep, you would add 2% (1.2 ml) - now that is going to be a lot (about 24 drops) so I tell people to start with 12 and increase if needed. 12 is for sure going to enhance what you want if you pick the right profile such as Granddaddy Purple for the sleep component.

Start low out the gate, even if you are an avid and experienced cannabis user. Be sure to use the dropper provided to get a accurate drop. Adding terps to distillate is super important especially since terpenes are usually boiled off. Place distillate in a jar (use glass), add the terpene profile you prefer (1-2 drops per gram of distillate oil) and mix in thoroughly. Leave in the glass jar, sealed overnight so the terpenes infuse properly. Adding terpenes to shatter is a little more complicated.

You need to know the total weight of the shatter in order to add the properl 1-2 % terpenes. This is about .02 grams of terp per gram of shatter. If you are new to shatter this might be a little bit tricky because it needs to be done BEFORE the shatter full dries.


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