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Vaping CBD – CBD Vaping Guide

By CBDexperia

Vaping CBD The Best Method – A CBD Vaping Guide – By CBDexperia

We are asked all to often, what is the best way to vape CBD?

The answer is pretty simple but can be pretty daunting to those who are new to both CBD and Vaping. Here we will clear everything up into a plain and simple explanation.

You must first make sure that you have everything on the list bellow.

  1. Compatible E-cigarette.
  2. The correct CBD Strength (read our dosing CBD guide)
  3. The Correct E-cigarette settings if available.

We will explain each of those points in detail, so that you can fully understand why each of them are just as important as the other.

A Compatible E-cigarette

Dont underestimate the importance of a good quality e-cigarette. It must be of medium power running at about 15-25 watts.

It must be powerful enough to produce enough vapour to hold enough CBD but not to powerful to burn off the CBD.

We understand that many reading this wont understand watts for ecigs however, please read.

The more powerful your device is the more watts its using, higher watts makes bigger vapour clouds. We are aware that there are users out there that like to “chase the cloud”. This means blowing big buckets of vapour out, but this is no good for CBD, it’s a waste of precious CBD and can brand the product useless and ineffective.

2 of the biggest mistakes people make with ecigs and CBD is the wrong device, it’s either to weak in power or to powerful in power, at this point we would like to introduce our ecig that is perfect for vaping CBD.

Its best not to use a cigalike or ego style pen device (see images bellow) as these devices simply cannot produce enough vapour to hold enough CBD to be beneficial to the reason you take CBD.

Cigalike Mini Style Pen – Useless for vaping CBD

Ego Style Pen – Useless for vaping CBD

Mod boxes are another type of ecig that is very common among vapours today. These devices are great for CBD but we can’t stress enough that you must keep the watts to a voltage of no more than 3.74 volts.

Normally this means that with a 0.5ohm coil keep the watts between 18-25 to prevent burning the CBD.

Mod box for CBD – Keep bellow 3.74 volts

Mod box for CBD – Keep bellow 3.74 volts

The best type of e-ciggarette to use is a device that is about 15 watts, its a medium powered device perfect for vaping cbd, and there are very few available on the market, we have one available for you to buy. Look out for fakes, mainly on eBay and Amazon, if its less than £24 its fake and dangerous.

CBD Vape Pen All In One CBD Vape Kit

The item shown above is small and compact, fully automatic and produces enough Vape to hold enough CBD to be effective for an endless spectrum of conditions but yet not to powerful to burn the CBD. You can buy it from us by clicking the add to cart button.

The Correct CBD Strength

It’s so important to get the correct CBD strength or it either wont work for you or you will be wasting your money.

A huge tip is to get the higher strength bottle of CBD, try it, then work your way down until you find a strength that’s best for you and your condition. Also bear in mind that you can always dilute or weaken your higher strength bottle with eliquid or Diluent juice.

We have found that so many first time users ignore our recommendation and buy the cheapest low strength bottle, then complain that it did not do anything.

To be honest, there are several factors to consider, if your vaping device is correct and CBD is not doing as expected its due to your dose being to low and/or you don’t have a build up of CBD in your body.

In reality CBD must build up in your body before it can begin to affect your conditions in a positive way, this must be built up over a few days, this is another reason we recommend a high strength bottle to begin with.

For CBD to be effective you need to do the following:

  1. Build enough up in your system, depending on body weight and size the average person requires 200mg over 2 days to make CBD effective.
  2. Continue treatment with a dose suitable to your needs and body weight, for most 60mg bottles are suitable.
  3. Take CBD at a minimum rate of every 3 days, as CBD will leave your body after 3 days.

We only sell the 60mg bottles for those that have CBD built up in the system, it should not be used as a first time option or as a trial option as this low strength on a first time use would not do a great deal as you have no CBD built up in the body.

Ecigarette Settings

For the device we offer, the settings are pre-set for CBD, cigalikes and ego pens don’t offer settings, but their power is to low for CBD as they only run between 3-w watts. Mod boxes are devices that offer manual settings.

We recommend a coil of 0.5ohm with watts between 15-25 trying to keep the voltage to 3.74. If your fortunate enough to have a voltage controllable device simply set the voltage to 3.74.

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Vaping CBD The Best Method – A CBD Vaping Guide – By CBDexperia We are asked all to often, what is the best way to vape CBD? The answer is pretty simple but can