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However, it's still worth noting that the industry is in its infancy, and if you buy quality CBD oils, gummies or anything else from unknown companies, you might not end up with something pure. If you look hard enough, you can find any kind of product with CBD in it right now. Topical creams (for skincare), drinks, even obscure stuff like bath bombs.

The four most common methods of CBD delivery are as follows: Tinctures : This is CBD oil suspended in a liquid as an oil tincture, making usage as simple as applying the required amount of CBD under the tongue using the provided dropper, holding for 60 seconds, and then swallowing. Edibles: Edibles are things like cookies and gummies. Easy to eat, and flavourful, edibles have the downside of holding a lot of calories, as well as having a fixed dosage. Capsules: CBD capsules function like any other medicine, but again, have a fixed dosage per unit. Vapes or e-liquids: Taken like any other e-liquid, CBD e-liquid vapes are inconspicuous, allowing you to take them anywhere in vape pens, but getting the required dosage can be tough, and the long term effects, like all vaping products, are still being discussed. Keep up with the top stories from Reader's Digest by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. CBD Oil Review rates the Pure Science Lab Brand with four stars because it qualifies for the Quality, Mission, Safety & Charity badges. Pure Science Lab was founded with genuine intention by a longtime sufferer of Crohn’s disease to bring CBD oil for pain and anxiety to the masses. The company has an extensive product line with all the bells and whistles, featuring both CBD isolate and full spectrum options. With up-to-date tests posted for potency and contaminants and clean processes, Pure Science Lab proves to be a solid and reliable vendor.

Shop now and save 10% on all Pure Science Lab products! Founder Steve was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease over 30 years ago. After tapping out on pharmaceutical solutions, he turned to CBD for his health issues, and as with so many others that have done the same, everything changed. He then set out to find organic hemp farms to source CBD oil and began selling it to the medical community. Steve eventually branched out to the health supplement world, and Pure Science Lab was born. We have deep respect for the intention behind Pure Science Lab to help people with pain and anxiety without the addiction risk or side effects from prescriptions. They hit the quality mark with domestically sourced hemp from organic farms and CO2 extraction, and they earn the Safety Badge as well. Pure Science Lab posts cannabinoid profiles for each SKU, so we know that the CBD advertised matches what’s in the bottle and that THC levels are legal. They test their batches of full spectrum cannabidiol and isolate for contaminants, including heavy metals, residual solvents, microbiology (harmful bacteria), and pesticides. This is exactly what we require for the Safety Badge, and we’d like to see more companies follow these stellar protocols. On another positive note, Pure Science Lab offers a military discount of 25% on all CBD products for active personnel and veterans. We consider charity a factor in our rating system, since the health benefits of CBD are astoundingly promising and should be accessible to all who need them. This movement toward natural health solutions isn’t only for the wealthy, and we applaud companies like Pure Science Lab who provide discount programs for those in need. The catalog is extensive, covering most segments of typical CBD consumers, save the vape enthusiasts, and featuring both isolate and full spectrum options. Pure Science Lab offers the following CBD products for sale online: CBD oil tinctures CBD topicals CBD concentrate in oral applicators CBD capsules and softgels CBD tea CBD for pets CBD gummies CBD isolate crystalline powder. The line is mostly clean, but we must disclose that we found sodium hydroxymethylglycinate in their CBD pain relief gel, a preservative that releases formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic impurity. There’s also titanium dioxide, an inorganic and dicey compound, in the aforementioned gel, the CBD sensitive skin cream, and the CBD gummies (these also have artificial colors). Bottom Line – Pure Science Lab offers a great selection of CBD products for both isolate and full spectrum customers that hits high notes for current lab tests and clean sourcing/processing. There are many companies that offer CBD oils and other types of products that use cannabidiol to help people sleep better, reduce anxiety and possibly even pain symptoms. Many of these companies, however, only provide products to consumers in the U.S. Pure Science Lab is a company that provides premium-quality CBD products focused on helping customers with a range of different conditions—and makes them available to international consumers. Pure Science Lab is based in Coconut Creek, Florida, and has established itself as a trusted brand and supplier of premium CBD oil.

In addition to stocking a wide range of CBD oil products, the brand also manufactures topical products such as skincare creams and serums as well as a wide variety of other products that utilize the potential health benefits of cannabidiol compounds. Pure Science Lab Laboratory Tests And Certificates.

A third-party laboratory certificate is essential when it comes to researching a company’s CBD oil products. Testing and certificates provide customers with peace of mind knowing that the product they will be buying and using contains the expected concentration of cannabidiol without containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which may cause psychoactive side effects.


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