who sells cannabis wholesale

A better way to buy and sell wholesale cannabis

WM Exchange is a wholesale cannabis marketplace that revolutionizes the way licensed buyers and sellers conduct business.


Connect with some of the most
popular brands on Weedmaps ® , and
easily buy your inventory from them.


Reach more buyers, streamline your
sales process, and drive
additional growth.

Streamline your operations

Brands can set custom territories, easily manage product catalogs, and customize purchase orders.

Retailers can shop multiple brands in one cart, and chat with brands directly to quickly resolve questions.

Grow your business

Easily establish and manage new and existing wholesale relationships to bring exciting new inventory to your retail shelves, or boost brand sales.

Access with no subscription fees

Brands and retailers with a standard Weedmaps listing page get access to WM Exchange with no subscription fees.

WM Exchange connects retailers to brands and distributors to buy & sell wholesale licensed marijuana through our robust online marketplace.