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How do I receive my ExtraBucks after completing a survey? Your ExtraBucks will be available to you on the date specified in the survey initiation email. Self-printable ExtraBucks coupons will automatically be available immediately after you complete our surveys. You WILL NOT receive ExtraBucks coupons for completing the initial profile survey to participate in future Panel surveys. What if I cannot access the survey link or have trouble completing a survey?

If you have technical difficulty in accessing the survey link or completing a survey, please let us know by sending an e-mail with your name, ExtraCare number and date you took the survey to [email protected] Can I e-mail the survey link for a friend or family member to take as well? The survey link is unique to your e-mail and ExtraCare number and cannot be completed multiple times. A link to a survey can only be accessed and completed once, so therefore we ask that you do not e-mail the link to friends and family, as they will be unable to participate with your link. If you are pleased with your experience with the CVS Advisor Panel, we do invite you to share this with family and friends and invite them to join the Panel as well. Please send them the following link Refer A Friend, please let them know that they need to have their ExtraCare card in hand when they go to sign-up. CVS Advisor Panel Review: How Much Can You Earn Here? Use the links below to get the best current sign up offers for each: (I recommend signing up for a few in one go as offers change regularly, and some of the better sites close their doors often) Last Updated on April 28, 2020.

And when I say CVS, I mean the drug store that has shopping centers in most of the US. If you are, you might be interested in a possibility to bag a few extra bucks every now and then, with CVS Advisor Panel. As with most survey panels, you will get a chance to take surveys online. The panel is tied to its rewards program called ExtraBucks. Most CVS shoppers already take advantage of it on a daily or weekly basis. But for those of you who aren’t familiar – ExtraBucks are in-store credit that you earn by shopping at CVS, and can redeem it exclusively at CVS. So, I decided to try and find out if this panel actually works, and if you should give it a try. Normally, I would first try to determine if it’s legitimate or a scam. However, CVS is a serious and highly reputable drug store chain, so it’s safe to skip the legitimacy part and cut right to the chase. Signing up for this program is free, but there is one condition apart from the usual one to be a 18+ years old US resident. During the registration, you will be prompted to enter your ExtraCare card number. ExtraCare card is their loyalty card that gives you 2% back of every purchase you make at CVS, plus access to many sales and promotions available for members exclusively. So, basically, for every $100 you spend there, you will get at least $2 back in ExtraBucks that you can use on future purchases. I said “at least” because you can actually get more if you take advantage of the sales and promos. If you haven’t done it already, you can request your ExtraCare card by filling out a form at your local pharmacy or calling (800) SHOP-CVS. It won’t cost you anything and can make for a huge difference in your wallet. Back to the Advisor Panel – everybody who has this card can sign up for an account. The company’s goal with this is to collect information about their shoppers in order to improve its products and services. After you spend 10-15 minutes on filling out the form with your basic information and purchasing habits, there’s nothing else you can do but wait for surveys to hit your inbox. If you hope for a survey invitation every day or week, you’re in for a big disappointment. They will only send you a survey a few times each year! That’s the average, but there are also very short surveys worth $2, and very long ones that can earn you $10-$15.

On the bright side, you will always stand a good chance to qualify for the surveys. Plus, most of the time they are really easy to fill out. As you complete a survey, you will get your ExtraBucks right away in the form of a coupon. You can print it out and carry to the store to use during your next shopping trip. If you don’t have a printer, you will also get it in email, so you can print it out whenever it works best for you. It’s an easy way to earn a few extra bucks (or to be more precise – ExtraBucks) if you’re a CVS ExtraCare member. Surveys are mostly short and easy, so they won’t take up much of your time or energy. Surveys pay off more than is the industry average .

$5 per survey on average, and it usually takes less than 20 minutes – sounds like a pretty good deal. Just to illustrate this point, the industry standard is $3-$5 per hour of survey taking. Most of the time, your ExtraBucks will be available right after you’re done with the survey. It means you can get the advantage of them whenever you want.


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