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Let’s get some facts out of the way: The original Alpha Brain is in capsule or pill form Alpha Brain Instant is a powdered drink mix. With that said, the powdered drink mix will dissolve and get absorbed into the body quicker than the Alpha Brain pill. If you want to expedite the absorption of the Alpha brain supplement and save time, then you should get the powered drink mix (Alpha Brain Instant). Otherwise, get the pill and gradually optimize performance.

Bear in mind that the powdered drink mix isn’t better or more powerful than the pill. They’re both helpful and useful — it all depends on you and how fast you want results. You can use Alpha Brain daily and even integrate it into your daily routine. It hasn’t shown any adverse effects in several clinical tests or the four years of intense use by athletes, fighters, business people, and celebrities, including Joe Rogan, the famous standup comedian and TV host, turned bodybuilder. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not using Alpha Brain. It’s like being in a mental fight with a proverbial hand fastened to two pillars. If you fall into any of these categories, then Alpha Brain is for you: You’re an athlete (professional or personal) You’re an executive or businessperson You’re a student You’re battling with social anxiety You need more mental concentration and focus in the workplace You’re a performer You sometimes experience mental sluggishness or fatigue You want to increase focus and optimize your life. So, essentially, Alpha Brain is important for anyone who wants to improve memory and brain function, as well as boost processing speed to get more ‘sh*t ’ done.

As mentioned earlier, Alpha Brain can be trusted because it’s completely safe to use. It’s one of the nootropics that has undergone several clinical tests, so it’s fully backed by gold-standard research. This means that there’s no dependency concern or risk of withdrawal if you decide not to take it anymore. This is quite contrary to other drug-infused supplements that keep the user bound after they decide to stop taking it. Onnit Labs was founded in 2010 by Aubrey Marcus, with the sole purpose of formulating effective nutritional supplement combinations. In the subsequent year, the company released Alpha Brain, its flagship, its most popular cognitive enhancer, and since has added even more products. This led to the concept of Total Human Optimization, thereby causing the company to add unique nutrient-dense foods and cutting-edge strength fitness equipment to supply the mind and body with what they truly need in order to function at optimal levels. Onnit promises to continue to identify and formulate innovative products while never adulterating the ultimate goal: “To be of service to our customer family.” Alpha Brain is useful for: Learning ability Verbal recall Creativity Memory formation Lucid dreaming. Alpha Brain Benefits (What It Does Best) What could make celebrities, entertainers, athletes, professionals, and even business people fall in love with Alpha Brain? It’s all about the benefits, also known as, “what they stand to gain.” The truth be told, the benefits of using Alpha Brain supplements or powdered drink mix are enormous. But let’s briefly dive into the primary benefits: 1. “Alpha Brain seems to fire up your brain at a higher RPM level” — Joe Rogan. Achieving memory and mental alertness is important. It doesn’t matter what you do or the challenges of the day. When there’s mental clarity, which can be achieved through peak alpha brain waves, you’ll be sure of what to do and how to handle any situation. A strong IQ, processing speed, and memory retention are all byproducts of improved memory. That’s why the Alpha brain is primarily formulated to support it. Far from it, so don’t expect an overnight memory improvement. You need to take this supplement over time, but you will definitely notice a much clearer mindset. This supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease, but instead, it provides you with your brain at its absolute best. Many people have reported better sleep after taking the Alpha brain supplement for some time. This is possible because the Alpha brain acts directly on neurotransmitters to furnish additional acetylcholine to the brain. If you take Alpha Brain before going to bed, you’ll not only enjoy better sleep, but also recall your dreams — and you can even experience lucid dreams. So many people who have used Alpha Brain for months have reported that they feel different. They describe it as a feeling of ‘goodness’ all over their bodies.

However, these effects come as a result of using the Alpha Brain pills over a longer period, it doesn’t come after the first week. This is one reason why Alpha Brain is essential for people who want to be productive without stressing out about it. It also supports everyone who wants to preserve and improve their brain cells and mental health. If you align with either of those statements, then this is the supplement for you, too. For people who are struggling with anxiety or depression, Alpha Brain has some of the best ingredients that can save you from their symptoms. Once your mood is improved in the right manner, you’ll be able to remember things better, brainstorm faster, and make better decisions, all while feeling mentally sharp. A good mood is particularly important for everyone — why not take 2 capsules of Alpha Brain daily to make it possible? In this section, we’ll look into the ingredients used in Alpha Brain. Even though we’re aware the ingredients are natural, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and with no stimulants, it’s still important to highlight these non-GMO ingredients so you know exactly what goes into your body. Here’s the list of Alpha Brain ingredients (in no particular order): Bacopa Cat’s claw L-Leucine Vinpocetine Oat straw Huperzine A L-Theanine Pterostilbene L-Tyrosine.

Bacopa: This popular ingredient is often used in Ayurvedic medicine. Bacopa is an essential herb for supporting cognitive abilities, improving memory disorders, and helping with anxiety.


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